Portrait of a true builder. Jean Houde knows how to meet client expectations for custom homes with patience and integrity.
Jerusalem is a unique where every corner is full of history dating back to ancient times and where mosques, churches and synagogues stand side by side.
Montauk Sofa
The Time Out Market concept is simple: bring the top restaurateurs in the area together under one roof to create a unique culinary experience.
At the head of the second largest champagne house in the world, Jean-Marc Gallot has rejuvenated Veuve Clicquot, a veritable institution for nearly 250 years.
After several experiences in marketing, Kristina Panzera, V.-P. Marketing and buyer at Ciot, chose to work in the family business.
Located in the emerging Mile-Ex district, this sleek home with clean lines features a secluded garden that offers its owner a precious urban oasis.
CV Concept
Interview with Dave Dunning, sculptor, whose impressive sculptures of metal heads have made his reputation.
The Italian brand Minotti has based its reputation of expertise on producing furniture that fulfils contemporary needs.
Opt for a home based on volumes, concept, view or attractions. Overview of the most beautiful condos in the metropolitan region.
High fashion clothing. Jewelry and design accessories.
Galerie Blanche
Located in Habitat 67 of the Cité du Havre in Montreal, this apartment has been restructured to correspond to the lifestyle of the new owners.
In 2018, chef David McMillan began a life change to break free from alcoholism. Interview on his journey to sobriety and his motivations.
Frederique Constant