A veritable culinary capital, Montréal is home to numerous fine dining restaurants where one can indulge in delicacies of every kind, from Spanish tapas to Mediterranean dishes to Quebec cuisine. Here are four Montréal establishments that guarantee a gastronomic experience.
No need to jet off to Italy to enjoy authentic Italian cuisine. Montréal is home to numerous fine restaurants offering the best in pasta, pizza, and cannoli, including the four described here. Just call for a reservation!
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When eaten raw, fish offers even more vitamins, protein, minerals and flavour! Although sashimi may appear very simple, preparing this japanese fine dining classic is actually a true culinary art. Here are four montréal restos that have mastered the art of raw fish.
The freedom to create, to tell one's story and to reinvent oneself is the very essence of the new artistic collaboration between international star Lady Gaga and prestigious champagne producer Dom Pérignon.
Driven by the pandemic, your favorite restaurants offer catering style menus that make you live a culinary experience in the comfort of your own home.
Quebec's restaurant industry is seeing more and more women join their ranks. Interview with three female chefs on the reality of women in the kitchen in 2020.
The Time Out Market concept is simple: bring the top restaurateurs in the area together under one roof to create a unique culinary experience.
In 2018, chef David McMillan began a life change to break free from alcoholism. Interview on his journey to sobriety and his motivations.
To quench your thirst for caffeine: five must-see addresses for coffee in Montreal.
Five new restaurants to explore. Seafood, classic cuisine, comfort foods and trendy cuisine showcasing market produce.
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Montreal Cocktails - Where to find the best drinks in town, whether you are looking for sweetness, freshness, bitterness or acidulous.
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