Two Montréal physicians, Dr. Joanne Alfieri and Dr. Tarek Hijal hope to raise awareness—and essential funding—to make a real difference for thousands of Canadian women diagnosed with breast or gynecological-related cancer. Their Program for Women’s Cancer Research’s third annual fundraiser, La Roche-Posay’s Ride at La Grande Roue for a good cause, is taking place September 19 and is sure to be an event to remember.
An experienced player in the hospitality industry, Sean O’Donnell is a master in the art of receiving guests. However, this easygoing executive prefers treasured conversations with close, long-time friends to the hubbub of large-scale events.
Art provokes, transforms, innovates, and when two creative minds such asDavid Usher and Nicolas Massey come together, the outcome is apparent in their creations.
Montréal-born John M. Faratro is managing partner of The Agency Montréal, a global real estate brokerage. In 2010, he founded Struktur Real Estate Developments, which creates beautiful urban living spaces; nine years later, he acquired the SVN master franchise for all of Quebec, opening Montréal’s first commercial real estate agency. Involved in major philanthropic projects, Faratro also enjoys skiing, fishing, and cooking for his family.
Antonio Merulla showed real acumen when he developed his first rising crust pizza business and again when he became a partner in Oggi, a maker of gluten-free pizza. Still guided by his incredible instincts, today he brings family and friends together over wonderful meals and spoils them with his taste for the good life.
Music is playing as I enter Richard Petit’s house. We sit down at a table next to some speakers and I press “record” on my phone. I should probably ask him to shut down the Bang & Olufsen sound system during the interview, but asking the owner of KébecSon to turn off music in his own home seems as inappropriate as asking Ricardo to turn off his oven!
The real estate market remains a priority for Don Kottick, president and CEO of Sotheby’s International Realty Canada, who relies on a fiery group to help him. A man of teamwork, heart, and culture, he also knows how to stop and admire the sunrises over Lake Huron and the beauty of Paris, France.
The epic journey of a De Beers diamond is worth telling because all diamonds are not created equal...
For Marie-Berthe Des Groseillers, president and CEO of BMTC Group, a passion for riding enhances and complements her work, elevating and empowering her.
What prompted prominent Canadian lawyer Daniel Lighter to turn hotelier? Love, actually!
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The ability to transpose a person's most intimate emotions into a piece of jewellery is an art cultivated by Édéenne, a creator of high jewellery, one meeting at a time.
Music could not find a more eloquent ambassador than Alexandre Da Costa. A free thinker, the internationally renowned violinist and conductor plies his art with tremendous skill, verve, and passion.