Self-portrait by composer, director, and producer Clément Leduc, aka Hologramme.
Singer-songwriter Richard Petit, like his famous brother, comic Martin Petit, is no stranger to the adrenalin rush that comes of performing before an audience. his credits include collaborating with the group Les Colocs and creating music for television productions. However, all this is in the past since he found his lodestar and began living his dream.
Dr. Karl Weiss is known for his clear, knowledgeable interviews about COVID on television and radio. However, he is also a history buff who uses his downtime to apply the timeless principle attributed to juvenal: a sound mind in a sound body.
Even as the world continues to grapple with the upheaval associated with Covid-19, the great gathering known as C2 Montréal found an inclusive, unifying way to celebrate its 10th anniversary.
Guided by her nose, Ruby Brown has imagined a world where the senses reign, offering the very best in luxury perfume.
Raised in a prominent artistic family, confronted with tragedy at a young age, Karine Martin has channelled all her energy into becoming stronger, braver, and better. Years passed before she reconnected with her first passion for the arts and the creative process —a passion that continues to sustain her to this day.
Frederique Constant
Carpette Multi Design
A dynamic entrepreneur, William Gingras founded Arthur Majordome three years ago to focus on meeting the needs of highly engaged professionals. He offers his clientele unique concierge services and exciting, personalized activities to provide them with extraordinary life experiences.
What do Yves Saint Laurent, Karl Lagerfeld, and Montréal’s Marie-Ève Lecavalier have in common? All three have been finalists for the International Woolmark Prize. Both Lagerfeld and Saint Laurent won in 1954—the former in the Coat category and the latter in the Dress category. Lecavalier is the first Canadian designer to be named a finalist.
On June 3, 2019, Vogue Magazine featured an article about Thierry-Maxime Loriot, a brilliant curator from the world of fashion, who was born in Quebec City in 1976. In it, journalist Suzy Menkes calls him "Canada's Museum Magician," praising his exhibition on the work of Jean Paul Gauthier, which was seen by over 2 million people. If I mention all this, it is so you can appreciate the importance of the man I am interviewing via Zoom.
Few brands can match the history, renown, and prestige of Sotheby's. In 1976, the company began a new chapter when it made a landmark move into the world of real estate. Today, it is the global leader.
Montauk Sofa
A Quebec city native, Luc St-Cyr grew up in a family involved in selling, manufacturing, and designing furniture. In 1981, he began a successful career as an interior designer and sales consultant at La Galerie du Meuble, eventually taking on several management positions before becoming president of the company in 2012.
Local music pioneer Tiga —one of the creators of the Montréal's electronic dance scene hailing back to the mid-1990s— is managing to have a productive pandemic lockdown while the party is on pause.
Bui Optométriste