Embellishing interiors with vases, sculptures, lighting fixtures, ceramics, and textiles is a way to fill them with style and charm, from dazzling sophistication to soothing elegance. This collection goes beyond simple accessories, presenting a thorough exploration of the essentials.
It was on March 12, 2024 that Charles Virone Concept celebrated the 20th anniversary of its inauguration. These last two decades have been marked by their constant pursuit of excellence and their determination to surpass themselves.
Fairmont Tremblant
Archimed Studio
Frédérique Constant and Alpina wow the gallery at Watches et Wonders 2024 with the launch of new collections. Here are some of our favorites.
Spanish company Cosentino spent years developing Dekton®, a flawless, ultracompact manufactured stone product that is a sophisticated mixture of minerals extracted from nature. In the hands of Claudia Afshar, creator of the Ukiyo collection, this extraordinary material delineates spaces of exceptional beauty.
Remarkable yet discreet, this comfortable, light-filled single-storey home stands out for its unique layout, designed as a journey of discovery through space.
With the Port of Montréal Tower and its river terrace, Provencher_Roy and NIPPAYSAGE complete the transformation of the Grand Quai and bring new life to the port facility.
Nadia Maltais
Design Louis George
1628 proudly presents the Hovey Residence, a project located on the edge of a lake in Quebec's Eastern Townships region, designed to accommodate a couple of art lovers and their extended family.
This elegant contemporary interior is accented with classic elements reflecting the spirit of the heritage building in which it is located. Topped by an immense terrace overlooking Montréal, the apartment also features large windows with breathtaking views of Mount Royal.
Generous dimensions, soft upholstery, ultra-plush padding, and gracefully curved forms… With their new sofa collections, these designers show how contemporary design can truly embrace coziness.
Nestled in Quebec’s Laurentian forest, this home of harmonious, balanced volumes shines through the woods like a lantern on snowy winter nights. Facing a mountain and lovely lake, the house is spread over three levels.
3 Femmes & 1 Coussin
CV Concept
Urbana fireplaces showcase the sparkling beauty of fire, bringing the notion of comfort to new heights.
Elegance and design come together to create alluring home offices, without sacrificing ergonomics or practicality.
Les Immeubles Charlevoix
Frederique Constant