A NewTechWood composite product is made of 35% recycled plastic and 60% reclaimed real wood fiber. Enjoy luxurious and durable furnishings without compromising on style.
In contrast to the bare minimalism of Mid-Century Modern spaces, transitional styles are warmer and more collected.
Maison Lipari
Renovated to bring in more natural light and highlight its original modern style, this Outremont property has been standing out from its traditional neighbours for nearly nine decades.
Over the years, the legendary Tag Heuer brand has created innovative, stylish timepieces that have stood the test of time.
The new Montauk Sofa store at 3553 Saint-Laurent boulevard in Montréal, which recently won the architecture award of excellence in the commercial/industrial building category, features a front walk that meanders through a restorative garden—a novel design in the plateau that may well inspire others.
In this Summer 2022 edition, discover spaces that are designed for the well-being and comfort of its occupants. These exterior design inspirations are sure to make you dream.
Jewish General Hospital
Seeking to develop a space conducive to the discovery of Japanese cuisine and the izakaya atmosphere, Chef Frédéric Dufort and his team entrusted the design of the spaces for their new culinary project to Cléo Katcho Design Architectural.
Guided by the idea of creating a house that was both a refuge and a window onto the surrounding nature, the architect of this weekend home designed a project that strikes a balance between the traditional and the avant-garde.
As the oldest crystal glassworks in France, Saint-Louis, owned by the Hermès group, has long dazzled connoisseurs of the art of glassmaking with its timeless expertise.
A contemporary style of decorating is defined by simplicity, subtle sophistication, deliberate use of texture, and clean lines.
Felix Jasmin
Built in the middle of the last century, this fully renovated property now boasts an additional floor and a spectacular skylight that floods it with daylight.
Poised to become a 21st-century landmark in one of Montréal’s most prestigious neighbourhoods, Broccolini’s latest residential project, le Sherbrooke, has been designed by Neuf Architect(e)s, with an interior design concept from Lemay + Escobar.
Felix Jasmin