Discover the four must-visit vineyards in Napa Valley, California, where wine enthusiasts can enjoy exceptional tastings in an enchanting setting.
An immersive hotel experience where hospitality meets themed entertainment.
Attica Wines
In the City of Light, between the Seine and the Champs-Élysées, the seventh jewel in the Bulgari hotel crown attracts all eyes. Indeed, on George V Avenue, a building with a strong presence takes up a double challenge: setting itself apart from other luxury hotels in the 8th arrondissement all while blending in. Welcome to Bulgari Hotel Paris!
The legendary French ski resort is well known to skiers. And serious ones at that.
In Belize, an under-the-radar bobo-chic destination in Central America, twin properties revere their environment.
Los Cabos has established itself as an ultra-chic Mexican destination and for good reason: the region isn’t far from Hollywood and has long enjoyed an aura of glam thanks to the many stars that vacation there. Moreover, the tourism infrastructure is in keeping with its prestigious clientele!
Nadia Maltais
Maison Birks
Tucked away in the idyllic countryside of Italy’s Emilia-Romagna, the historic Casa Maria Luigia is stellar chef Massimo Bottura’s and Lara Gilmore’s cozy home away from home. Andiamo!
One of Florida’s most popular destinations continues to display its personality through the faces of its many neighbourhoods. The newest is the Miami Design District, a perfect creation and work in progress!
How does one describe the feeling of arriving in these beautiful mountains? Very simply, the views are stunning, the village is charming, and the runs are heaven for winter sports enthusiasts. An invitation to come discover this fabulous resort located about a two-hour drive from Vancouver.
Not so long ago, a trip to the Hawaiian Islands was considered an exotic, farflung journey. However, our perspective has changed, especially with the first direct flights from Montréal to Honolulu starting in December 2021. Given that the archipelago is 4350 kilometres from Vancouver and an 11.5‑hour flight from Montréal, it is reasonable to ask, “Why travel so far?” And those in the know will surely answer that once you get there, you will understand.
Gorski Montreal
CV Concept
Tofino is not a place you just happen upon. In fact, this town on Vancouver Island calls itself the "Pacific terminus of the Trans-Canada highway." A former hippie hangout, Tofino now attracts surfers as well as affluent travellers looking for beautiful beaches, unique locations, and fine restaurants.
Destination; Auberge Saint Antoine, Îlot Hunt, in Quebec City with its panoramic views of the mighty St. Lawrence River and the icebreaker ferries crossing to the south shore. Hospitality and history go hand in hand where past and present meet.
Accutron Astronaut