Tofino is not a place you just happen upon. In fact, this town on Vancouver Island calls itself the "Pacific terminus of the Trans-Canada highway." A former hippie hangout, Tofino now attracts surfers as well as affluent travellers looking for beautiful beaches, unique locations, and fine restaurants.
Destination; Auberge Saint Antoine, Îlot Hunt, in Quebec City with its panoramic views of the mighty St. Lawrence River and the icebreaker ferries crossing to the south shore. Hospitality and history go hand in hand where past and present meet.
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Looking to reinvent your vacation? Some options include taking a private jet, renting a private luxury villa, or handing your house keys to an expert who will pamper you as if you were staying in a luxury hotel.
Rising out of the rocks, swept by ocean spray and the wind coming off the Atlantic, the Fogo Island Inn offers a unique experience.
Discover the Eastern Townships, its hotels, vineyards, upscale grocery and gourmet cheese shops in an enchanting setting. A paradise for cyclists and hikers.
Jerusalem is a unique where every corner is full of history dating back to ancient times and where mosques, churches and synagogues stand side by side.
Ponant offers exceptional cruises to the South and North Poles and tropical cruises in the Amazon, the Kimberley region in Australia, and the Seychelles.
Discovery of Barbados. This eternally sunny island with beautiful beaches offers various activities: water sports, diving, golf, cricket and polo.
Renowned for its magnificent view overlooking the Bosporus, the Ritz-Carlton Istanbul is a perfect blend of European style and Turkish tradition.
The interior of the terminal is a marvel. Upon entering the hall, one is struck by the amount of light and the Eastern touches in design.
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Straddling Europe and Asia, where it mixes its influences with those of the East, Istanbul is a treasure to unwrap with care to discover all the brilliance.
Original title | The beautiful Ramatuelle region in Provence, France offers luxury hotels, wine tours, a legendary beach on the Mediterranean and much more.
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