Jean-Claude Lussier has made photography into an art that captures an instant, a movement, or a look, offering the viewer a measure of eternity.
Breathing new life into his innate talent for creativity, Mario Adornetto conjures raw emotion from his canvases.
Design Louis George
Tremblant Living
Jean-Louis Emond plays with fire, creating shapes from a single spark as he explores one of art's most tactile forms.
Molteni&C and UniFor are taking part, as sponsors, in the “Aldo Rossi. The architect and the cities” exhibition, produced by Rome’s Museo MAXXI, from March 10th until November 2021, curated by Alberto Ferlenga.
Letting himself be guided by the rhythm of the brush or the scraping of the palette knife on the canvas, painter Shawn Skeir designs paintings like pieces of music, subtly blending the best of both arts to create unique works.
A man of passions, Bradley Hart reconnected with art by choosing bubble wrap as his canvas. The career of an artist who is a product of his time.
Tommy Zen
Bui Optométriste
Beautiful exhibitions and gardens to visit this fall.
Faith XLVII blended street art and nature to populate our cities with fantastic wildlife. She imposed a vision that is based on the essentials.
Interview with Dave Dunning, sculptor, whose impressive sculptures of metal heads have made his reputation.
Roche Bobois
Beauchamp Art Gallery
The Museum of Contemporary Art of Baie-Saint-Paul presents the works of Patrick Pépin; "Sans limites" will feature works taken from his Playing Cards collection
Guy Boudro talks about how his work has evolved: the humour that has seeped into his painting, the cartoons and icons of American culture that have cropped up in his canvases.
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