Over the course of his career, Bruno Fabbris has acquired an array of experiences that have enabled him to refine his palette and develop his unique aesthetic. However, his talent for capturing moments of beauty is pure instinct.
A fixture in the heart of the Quartier des Spectacles since last year, Montréal’s Patel Brown Gallery is currently hosting a show by Kim Dorland, a Canadian painter known for his visceral works.
Jewish General Hospital Foundation
Galerie 203
To echo the full majesty of the St. Lawrence River, Pointe-à-Callière, Montréal Archaeology and History Complex, is offering visitors a multi-sensory exhibition that will immerse them in the thousand and one facets of this immense waterway.
A captivating and immersive exhibition in a setting both elegant and grandiose!
Whatever the subject, René Lalonde follows his own rules, using his style to make paintings that are both unique and familiar. Portrait of a painter working to bring a sense of pleasure to the viewer, one canvas at a time.
Bob Hendriks paints as he breathes. Each brushstroke, every shade of his palette seems to reflect a feeling, a thought. This painter has mastered the art of making his paintings speak, a rare gift.
Archimed Studio
Très Chic
In collaboration with the Stewart Program for Modern Design, the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts (MMFA) is presenting Parall(elles): A History of Women in Design.
Banksy is the most private of street artists and yet notorious among the provocateurs… an enigma who merges social and political themes as he simultaneously maintains complete anonymity. On November 29th, two Montréal companies—Ballon Rouge and S16 gallery—will put Dream Boat, one of Banksy’s works of art, up for sale in Miami. close-up on the Banksy image.
Jazzu’s paintings are open books that recount his career, the people he meets, and his state of mind. Spotlight on a revealing artist.
2 5 2 6 is an exploration of materiality in fashion design, with robotic garments that simulate the effects of virtual clothing.
Turcot Olivier
Les Immeubles Charlevoix
Elena Henderson has had almost as many careers as a cat has lives. She draws on all of these experiences to create her paintings, laying out her vision of happiness in broad strokes.
Impact Distribution