A man of passions, Bradley Hart reconnected with art by choosing bubble wrap as his canvas. The career of an artist who is a product of his time.
Beautiful exhibitions and gardens to visit this fall.
Faith XLVII blended street art and nature to populate our cities with fantastic wildlife. She imposed a vision that is based on the essentials.
Interview with Dave Dunning, sculptor, whose impressive sculptures of metal heads have made his reputation.
The Museum of Contemporary Art of Baie-Saint-Paul presents the works of Patrick Pépin; "Sans limites" will feature works taken from his Playing Cards collection
Guy Boudro talks about how his work has evolved: the humour that has seeped into his painting, the cartoons and icons of American culture that have cropped up in his canvases.
The original heart of EXPO 67 has had a total makeover as the new Espace 67 by transdisciplinary designer Lemay.
Montréal Luminaires
Original title: Lois Greenfield - Capturing the beauty of movement | Best known for her unique approach to capturing the human form in motion, acclaimed American photographer Lois Greenfield specializes in dance photography.