On March 16, the Milos restaurant in Las Vegas reopened in its brand-new location at The Venetian Resort. The coming months will see other openings in Los Angeles and Dubai. Milos will then boast eleven properties around the world in Montréal, New York, London, Athens, Miami, Los Cabos, Dubai, Las Vegas, and Los Angeles. However, as the saying goes, to find out where you are going, you have to see where you have been, so here is the story of one of the world’s most famous Greek restaurants. Once upon a time, on Parc Avenue...
Rosé champagne symbolizes special occasions, luxury, summer weather, freshness, and, of course, fine dining and pleasure. The complex bubbles of today's assemblages are the result of a flourishing legacy dating back to the 18th century. A short history is in order.
Mionetto has launched their highly anticipated first ever Mionetto Prosecco Rosè into the Quebec market. This launch comes just in time for consumers to kick off the warm months ahead.
No question about it, 2020 was the year everyone embraced virtual meetings and the Mixte team was no exception. On the chilly morning of December 31, we had the pleasure of interviewing Mylène Poisson and Carl Villeneuve Lepage, sommeliers for the restaurants Maison Boulud and Toqué, respectively. What better way to wrap up the year?
Driven by the pandemic, your favorite restaurants offer catering style menus that make you live a culinary experience in the comfort of your own home.
Portrait of the prestigious Maison Hennessy, now working with the eighth generation of master blenders, determined to create the world’s finest cognacs.
Le domaine Inniskillin situé en Ontario est connu mondialement pour son excellent vin de glace, inspiré des méthodes de culture et de production autrichiennes.
Quebec's restaurant industry is seeing more and more women join their ranks. Interview with three female chefs on the reality of women in the kitchen in 2020.
The Time Out Market concept is simple: bring the top restaurateurs in the area together under one roof to create a unique culinary experience.
At the head of the second largest champagne house in the world, Jean-Marc Gallot has rejuvenated Veuve Clicquot, a veritable institution for nearly 250 years.
In 2018, chef David McMillan began a life change to break free from alcoholism. Interview on his journey to sobriety and his motivations.
To quench your thirst for caffeine: five must-see addresses for coffee in Montreal.