While some of these are classic Montréal fine dining picks, others are new establishments that have made their mark. All four are worth a visit for those wishing to indulge their palate!
Thomas Keller is one of the most starred chefs on the planet, a model who strives to nourish the body and warm the heart. Conversation on the pleasures of the table.
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Here are five restaurants to visit in the greater Montreal area. Spoil yourself by visiting these must-see restaurants in the region.
Chef Dominique Crenn draws on her past and life experiences to create inspired, evocative cuisine.
A veritable culinary capital, Montréal is home to numerous fine dining restaurants where one can indulge in delicacies of every kind, from Spanish tapas to Mediterranean dishes to Quebec cuisine. Here are four Montréal establishments that guarantee a gastronomic experience.
Quebecer Jessica Rosval, named Italy’s “top chef” in 2021, recognizes that the award has given her an exceptional platform to talk about what is truly important to her: her work in the kitchen of country hotel Casa Maria Luigia, sustainable gastronomy, and the urgent need to save our planet. Meet one of the culinary world’s rising stars.
The image of a rising sun, bringing a new day filled with hope, joy, and optimism is, in some ways, an apt symbol of Veuve Clicquot, the “grande dame of Champagne,” with its signature yellow colour.
Many people use the expression bucket list to refer to adventures or accomplishments they would like to experience personally. For some, bungee jumping or skydiving would be at the top of the list, while for others, it might be an African safari. In the case of Dr. François Marquis, the renowned head of intensive care at Maisonneuve-Rosemont hospital, one of his many ambitions is to produce a single malt whisky that can compete with the best Scotch whiskies. It may sound crazy, but his wish is on its way to becoming a reality.
Jura: for many people, the name brings to mind a department in France or a mountain range along the French-Swiss border. However, for whisky aficionados, it evokes the image of a mysterious, untamed island off the coast of Scotland, the source of a single malt with a sweetness that belies the rugged landscape and living conditions. Jura distillery, the island’s sole whisky distillery, is the producer.
No need to jet off to Italy to enjoy authentic Italian cuisine. Montréal is home to numerous fine restaurants offering the best in pasta, pizza, and cannoli, including the four described here. Just call for a reservation!
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When eaten raw, fish offers even more vitamins, protein, minerals and flavour! Although sashimi may appear very simple, preparing this japanese fine dining classic is actually a true culinary art. Here are four montréal restos that have mastered the art of raw fish.
The freedom to create, to tell one's story and to reinvent oneself is the very essence of the new artistic collaboration between international star Lady Gaga and prestigious champagne producer Dom Pérignon.
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