Embark on a culinary adventure! Here are four new Montréal tasty havens to explore for a summer filled with gourmet delights.
Sofitel, the pioneering hotel brand that combines thoughtful, sincere and committed luxury with a French twist, announces the complete refurbishment of its Canadian flagship, Sofitel Montreal Golden Mile.
Turcot Olivier
Archimed Studio
A delectable morning awaits you at every one these restaurants, where you can indulge in the city’s most exquisite breakfast experiences.
Since 1910, Polish rye has enabled Belvedere to craft crystal-clear vodkas with both complex and refined flavours. Belvedere 10 vodka, the latest creation from the revered distillery, approaches perfection in the same tradition to become pure pleasure, pure temptation.
From Montréal’s culinary institutions to the latest innovative dining concepts, here are five delectable destinations to explore during the chilly season.
Angel’s Envy is much more than a bourbon brand; it embodies passion, innovation, and a deep commitment to quality.
L'Essentiel par MF
Krug Champagne inspires the world of gastronomy with a zestful lemon theme.
The Fogo Island Inn has given Chef Timothy Charles a place to settle down and express his culinary talents through the seasons that mark the passage of time.
Quebec is renowned for its phenomenal food and thriving culinary scene. Emerging among the great classics who have withstood the test of time are a new batch of players who are impressively making their mark. And here are just a few, in Quebec City and Montréal.
Discover the hidden treasures of Greek winemaking with PGI Markopoulo and PGI Slopes of Kithaironas wines.
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3 Femmes & 1 Coussin
Indulge in the magic of Greece with their exceptional selection of PGI Attiki Wines.
Why not add a taste of Greece to your wine collection with PGI Retsina of Attiki?
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Fairmont Tremblant