The Attica region of Greece is home to a variety of premium wines that are known for their unique grape varieties and high-altitude origins.
Once upon a time, on the distant plains of Mexico, lay a dormant volcano. One day, the mountain awoke and erupted, creating fertile soil ideal for the growth of an incredible resource: blue agave. This iconic Mexican plant has given birth to the Volcan Tequila brand, a unique luxury spirit that is revolutionizing the market with its cultural heritage and history.
Le Studio Luminaires
Chef Jean-Christophe Poirier of Vancouver restaurant St. Lawrence recently earned his first Michelin star by serving up French classics with a decidedly Quebec twist.
The exceptional journey of Barbe-Nicole Clicquot-Ponsardin keeps inspiring the remarkable Veuve Clicquot Champagne House, which continues to be fuelled by boldness and innovation more than 250 years after its creation.
An experience for the senses awaits when the world of oscar-winning composer Ryuichi Sakamoto meets that of the incomparable Krug champagne house.
While some of these are classic Montréal fine dining picks, others are new establishments that have made their mark. All four are worth a visit for those wishing to indulge their palate!
Attica Wines
Thomas Keller is one of the most starred chefs on the planet, a model who strives to nourish the body and warm the heart. Conversation on the pleasures of the table.
Here are five restaurants to visit in the greater Montreal area. Spoil yourself by visiting these must-see restaurants in the region.
Chef Dominique Crenn draws on her past and life experiences to create inspired, evocative cuisine.
A veritable culinary capital, Montréal is home to numerous fine dining restaurants where one can indulge in delicacies of every kind, from Spanish tapas to Mediterranean dishes to Quebec cuisine. Here are four Montréal establishments that guarantee a gastronomic experience.
Un Feuteuil Pour Deux
Un Feuteuil Pour Deux
Quebecer Jessica Rosval, named Italy’s “top chef” in 2021, recognizes that the award has given her an exceptional platform to talk about what is truly important to her: her work in the kitchen of country hotel Casa Maria Luigia, sustainable gastronomy, and the urgent need to save our planet. Meet one of the culinary world’s rising stars.
The image of a rising sun, bringing a new day filled with hope, joy, and optimism is, in some ways, an apt symbol of Veuve Clicquot, the “grande dame of Champagne,” with its signature yellow colour.
Bui Opto
Maison Lipari