Jaguar has always held the pole position among both lovers of stylish exteriors and those seeking performance. A look back at a brand that has consistently brought refinement and technology to the road.
This holiday shopping season, Maison Mercedes brings together Canadian fashion, luxury retail and the world's most desirable cars in a signature storefront on Toronto's mink mile.
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If the car of your dreams is high on your bucket list and it’s time to treat yourself, the auctions of today are an excellent tool for finding what you want, be it a vintage classic or your father’s old model that brings back happy memories.
Enzo Ferrari was a race-car driver for Alfa Roméo. He stopped racing following the birth of the first of his two sons. Known as Dino, his elder son Alfredo was a mechanical engineer who died of muscular dystrophy at the age of 24. In 1956, the year of his death, he designed, with collaboration of Pinin Farina, the first Ferrari V6 rear-drive sports car. This type of engine had already been used in race cars, but never in a sports car.
Are cars with internal combustion engines a dying breed? Imagine how disappointed driving enthusiasts will be when they can no longer hear the roar of a Ferrari, operate a manual gearshift, or glance at impressive analogue gauges, now displaced by a screen. Also on the horizon are selfdriving cars, with electronic assist features to replace the driver’s judgment. Is this the end of driving pleasure?
What a wonderful surprise to discover, right here at home, a world-class automotive experience like Automobiles Etcetera! If you visit, General Manager Andrew Meyer can take you on a guided tour that will inspire your imagination.
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Porsche has embraced innovation, usability, sustainability and tradition in the new Taycan.
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Original title: McLaren | Every car that McLaren builds incorporates their winning race-bred technology, their pioneering innovation and their obsession with detail.
Original title: Mercedes-Benz Laval - sister act | Co-owners of Mercedes-Benz Laval, sisters Carole and Louise Leblanc, took over the reins from their father in the 90s. Today, they sell over 2,000 cars a year.
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