In describing their DNA, McLaren says “every car we build incorporates race-bred technology, pioneering innovation and our celebrated obsession with detail. It’s how Bruce [McLaren] did it. It’s how we do it. It’s how it should be done.” No matter who you talk to at McLaren Montréal, this passion and excitement resonates in their voices, … Continue reading McLaren

Mercedes-Benz Laval – sister act

PHOTO ANDRÉ RYDER Mercedes Benz Laval will celebrate its 30th anniversary later this year, an accomplishment Carole and Louise Leblanc are very proud of. The sisters have been co-owners since 2003. Year in, year out, they sell over 2,000 cars, a resounding success in a predominantly male-dominated industry. Their father, Gilles Leblanc, founded the dealership … Continue reading Mercedes-Benz Laval – sister act

Prince Edward County

Titre original : Le comté de Prince Edward | L’essai routier du Range Rover Velar dans la région de Prince Edward en Ontario. Mariage entre modernité, luxe, design et gastronomie.
Symphonia Pop

All treasure

If you happen to be travelling to Florida in mid-March and you come across a bunch of cars that look like they’ve driven straight out of the movie Back to the Future, don’t worry. You’re not dreaming, you’re just approaching Amelia Island and its treasure of a charitable event called Concours d’Elegance, a kind of … Continue reading All treasure

Driven to do good

“Every stop is carefully thought out to show people Quebec city from unusual and fascinating angles!” Dr. Jean-Pierre Gagné was leafing through one of his many luxury car magazines when the idea came to him to bring together fine car lovers in Quebec for a good cause. He imagined a unique event featuring all the … Continue reading Driven to do good


The century-old Maserati brand, which continues to command respect due to its legendary history, is now thriving under Ferrari rule. In the early years, the company was owned successively by the five Maserati brothers, founded by the family in 1914. However, a lack of capital during the difficult Depression years saw the company come under … Continue reading Bellissimi

Bucket list

“Int hree seconds, I felt like I was leaving the planet, Everything turned white. No more reference points: no trees…” Cars are Richard Petit’s first love. But when he was offered a ride in a subsonic jet, he just had to say yes. Talk about a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity! It was a glorious day in June, … Continue reading Bucket list


Luxury yachts. The very words evoke glorious dreams of carefree cruising in unparalleled comfort. Italians are master shipbuilders, and Riva is a prime example. Italy is a peninsula, its shores lapped by the Mediterranean and the Adriatic. It is the country where city-states like Venice and Genoa rose to power and prominence because of their … Continue reading Dreamboat