Serge Dessureault – Sets its sights on the mighty K2

At 8,848m, Mount Everest is the highest peak on the planet. Trekking to base camp there was one of the most memorable experiences of my life. For mountaineers, it’s a “relatively easy” climb, compared to K2, a terrifying 8,611m summit. Montreal fireman, Serge Dessureault, who witnessed death up close on his first attempt, plans to … Continue reading Serge Dessureault – Sets its sights on the mighty K2
Avant Scene

Snow polo: A unique affair

“It’s a spectacular spectator sport. And it’s even more thrilling for the players. This is truly one of the most fabulous things I’ve ever done in my whole life.” The words are spoken by Marc Perreault, and he’s talking about snow polo, which celebrates it’s third year as a major attraction at Mont-Tremblant––something of a … Continue reading Snow polo: A unique affair

Fishing on the fly

This is a story about three friends who fish for Atlantic salmon together–and like every good fish story, it gets better every year. For her 30th birthday, photographer and outdoor enthusiast Nathalie Mongeau received a complete fly-fishing kit. Friends taught her how to tie flies and she was soon practicing her casting… in city parks! … Continue reading Fishing on the fly

Colnago can cycle!

Italians certainly love their cycling. In Lombardy, a province known for its dynamic entrepreneurs, a whole industry has sprouted around the production of racing bicycles, parts and accessories. And among the many manufacturers in the Milan area, Colnago clearly leads the pack. Ernesto Colnago was born in 1932 on the family farm in Cambiago. As … Continue reading Colnago can cycle!

Philippe Gautier, ski mountaineer

Travel broadens the mind, and it can also lead to some interesting careers. Just ask Philippe Gautier, who has made a profession out of his passion for ski mountaineering. “For me, leaving my ephemeral mark on fresh snow is an incredible feeling, every single time.” When Philippe Gautier talks about exotic destinations, his list includes … Continue reading Philippe Gautier, ski mountaineer