As the oldest crystal glassworks in France, Saint-Louis, owned by the Hermès group, has long dazzled connoisseurs of the art of glassmaking with its timeless expertise.
As adept with a paintbrush as he is with clay, André Desjardins definitely has a golden touch, creating serene, dreamlike figures.
Galerie Blanche
Dr. Karl Weiss is known for his clear, knowledgeable interviews about COVID on television and radio. However, he is also a history buff who uses his downtime to apply the timeless principle attributed to juvenal: a sound mind in a sound body.
Even as the world continues to grapple with the upheaval associated with Covid-19, the great gathering known as C2 Montréal found an inclusive, unifying way to celebrate its 10th anniversary.
Unexpected microcosms, the works of painter Craig Alan hide beneath their surface a depth that merits further exploration.
The owners of this home have created an intimate setting to live and work while drawing on the relaxing power of the surrounding nature.
Operation Enfant Soleil
Stöckli enables both amateur and professional skiers to reach new heights in the practice of their sport. A look back at the 86-year history of this celebrated Swiss manufacturer.
Guided by her nose, Ruby Brown has imagined a world where the senses reign, offering the very best in luxury perfume.
Raised in a prominent artistic family, confronted with tragedy at a young age, Karine Martin has channelled all her energy into becoming stronger, braver, and better. Years passed before she reconnected with her first passion for the arts and the creative process —a passion that continues to sustain her to this day.
A look at the amazing evolution of Louis Vuitton leather goods. With a prestigious history of iconic, refined creations, the brand has nonetheless remained closely associated with travel.
Operation Enfant Soleil
CV Concept
Jean-Claude Lussier has made photography into an art that captures an instant, a movement, or a look, offering the viewer a measure of eternity.
A chance encounter between a savvy owner, a bold architect, and an imaginative interior designer. The result: a country home overlooking the Brome Lake that has become a focal point for creativity. A beguiling transformation.
Bardagi - Remax du cartier
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