It might seem odd for a travel expert to want to get away from it all, but that is exactly what Marc Savoie dreams of whenever he is not taking people skiing, golfing, to Grand Prix races, or on winery tours.
Since 1910, Polish rye has enabled Belvedere to craft crystal-clear vodkas with both complex and refined flavours. Belvedere 10 vodka, the latest creation from the revered distillery, approaches perfection in the same tradition to become pure pleasure, pure temptation.
Les Immeubles Charlevoix
Nadia Maltais
Over the course of his career, Bruno Fabbris has acquired an array of experiences that have enabled him to refine his palette and develop his unique aesthetic. However, his talent for capturing moments of beauty is pure instinct.
Spanish company Cosentino spent years developing Dekton®, a flawless, ultracompact manufactured stone product that is a sophisticated mixture of minerals extracted from nature. In the hands of Claudia Afshar, creator of the Ukiyo collection, this extraordinary material delineates spaces of exceptional beauty.
Urbana fireplaces showcase the sparkling beauty of fire, bringing the notion of comfort to new heights.
For over a century, French luxury jewelry and watchmaking company Van Cleef & Arpels has been creating bold, elegant treasures to adorn women of style.
With the spirit of a marathoner, Jean Bédard has helped develop an entire generation of Quebec businesspeople and restaurateurs who, like him, focus on local talent.
The Fogo Island Inn has given Chef Timothy Charles a place to settle down and express his culinary talents through the seasons that mark the passage of time.
Edra’s ability to innovate, invent, and stay on the cutting edge has enabled it to produce meaningful furniture and accessories consistently. Engaged in an authentic pursuit of excellence and beauty, the Italian firm astonishes, comforts, fascinates, and charms.
An experienced player in the hospitality industry, Sean O’Donnell is a master in the art of receiving guests. However, this easygoing executive prefers treasured conversations with close, long-time friends to the hubbub of large-scale events.
The fabrics and wall coverings in designer Scott Yetman’s new collection for Christopher Farr Cloth are part of a select world that only he could design.
Jaguar has always held the pole position among both lovers of stylish exteriors and those seeking performance. A look back at a brand that has consistently brought refinement and technology to the road.
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