Chef Dominique Crenn draws on her past and life experiences to create inspired, evocative cuisine.
The ability to transpose a person's most intimate emotions into a piece of jewellery is an art cultivated by Édéenne, a creator of high jewellery, one meeting at a time.
Nadia Maltais
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Combining style, meaning, and pleasure is an art that Leonard Gorski, president of the Gorski fashion brand, has cultivated in every aspect of his life. This world traveller, music lover, and gourmet collects knowledge and experiences to share with others.
Elena Henderson has had almost as many careers as a cat has lives. She draws on all of these experiences to create her paintings, laying out her vision of happiness in broad strokes.
Music could not find a more eloquent ambassador than Alexandre Da Costa. A free thinker, the internationally renowned violinist and conductor plies his art with tremendous skill, verve, and passion.
Quebecer Jessica Rosval, named Italy’s “top chef” in 2021, recognizes that the award has given her an exceptional platform to talk about what is truly important to her: her work in the kitchen of country hotel Casa Maria Luigia, sustainable gastronomy, and the urgent need to save our planet. Meet one of the culinary world’s rising stars.
Over the years, the legendary Tag Heuer brand has created innovative, stylish timepieces that have stood the test of time.
Gifted with boldness, determination, and curiosity, Serge Gendron has ensured that his company, AGF Group, stands out from the competition, both locally and internationally. these qualities have also guided his choice of hobbies, some of which can seem quite challenging.
As the oldest crystal glassworks in France, Saint-Louis, owned by the Hermès group, has long dazzled connoisseurs of the art of glassmaking with its timeless expertise.
As adept with a paintbrush as he is with clay, André Desjardins definitely has a golden touch, creating serene, dreamlike figures.
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Dr. Karl Weiss is known for his clear, knowledgeable interviews about COVID on television and radio. However, he is also a history buff who uses his downtime to apply the timeless principle attributed to juvenal: a sound mind in a sound body.
Even as the world continues to grapple with the upheaval associated with Covid-19, the great gathering known as C2 Montréal found an inclusive, unifying way to celebrate its 10th anniversary.