Véronique Gonneville discovered a passion for wine and spirits when she worked in restaurants while studying marketing and international business at HEC Montréal.
Completely reconfigured, this interior with its versatile architectural design combines comfort and warmth through a perfect blend of shapes and materials.
Archimed Studio
Synonymous with softness and tranquility, wood takes centre stage this year, dominating the realm of summer furniture. An invitation to relax and unwind awaits at Jardin de Ville.
Embellishing interiors with vases, sculptures, lighting fixtures, ceramics, and textiles is a way to fill them with style and charm, from dazzling sophistication to soothing elegance. This collection goes beyond simple accessories, presenting a thorough exploration of the essentials.
Remarkable yet discreet, this comfortable, light-filled single-storey home stands out for its unique layout, designed as a journey of discovery through space.
Celebrating their first year of marriage, Samuel St-Germain and Marie-France Houle are fulfilled in their passion, both in love and in their professional lives. Samuel has always had an affinity for the mountains. He worked in bars for many years before finding his true calling in the business world, ultimately making his mark as the owner of Ski Lachance in 2020. Marie-France, equipped with a degree in history and French literature, opted to heed the call of plants by producing organic flowers, herbs, and vegetables in the family business, FLO in Saint-Eustache. A warm and dynamic couple with infectious enthusiasm.
Breaking away from stereotypes, the House of Messika not only enhances the diamond but also unravels its mystique, transforming it so it blends seamlessly into everyday life.
This elegant contemporary interior is accented with classic elements reflecting the spirit of the heritage building in which it is located. Topped by an immense terrace overlooking Montréal, the apartment also features large windows with breathtaking views of Mount Royal.
Generous dimensions, soft upholstery, ultra-plush padding, and gracefully curved forms… With their new sofa collections, these designers show how contemporary design can truly embrace coziness.
A graduate of the Université de Montréal Faculty of Medicine, where she is now a clinical supervisor in endocrinology, Dr. Gabrielle Landry, who also trained in vulvovaginal dermatology in Paris, has opened a centre of expertise in hormone therapy.
Bui Opto
L'Essentiel par MF
Elegance and design come together to create alluring home offices, without sacrificing ergonomics or practicality.
Standing on the edge of a forest, this unpretentious vacation home fits right into its surroundings thanks to inspired architecture and well-chosen materials.
Majestic Filatures
Très Chic