A look at the amazing evolution of Louis Vuitton leather goods. With a prestigious history of iconic, refined creations, the brand has nonetheless remained closely associated with travel.
Carpette Multi Design
Full disclosure: Having known Mélissa Lambert her whole life —she is my sister's daughter— I had a front-row seat when she started her company Lambert Design in 2017. I thought it was a very daring move at the time, as she had no expertise in the field. However, I was forgetting her determination, audacity and communication skills!
High fashion clothing for winter. Jewelry and design accessories.
Beauchamp Art Gallery
High fashion clothing for fall. Jewelry and design accessories.
The Luisa Cerano brand stands out with its collections comprising timeless pieces. The style is fresh, feminine, focused on quality and comfort.
High fashion clothing. Jewelry and design accessories.
Fashion clothes and accessories for the winter. For men and women.
High fashion clothing. Jewelry and design accessories.
Design Louis George