How does one describe the feeling of arriving in these beautiful mountains? Very simply, the views are stunning, the village is charming, and the runs are heaven for winter sports enthusiasts. An invitation to come discover this fabulous resort located about a two-hour drive from Vancouver.
Full disclosure: Having known Mélissa Lambert her whole life —she is my sister's daughter— I had a front-row seat when she started her company Lambert Design in 2017. I thought it was a very daring move at the time, as she had no expertise in the field. However, I was forgetting her determination, audacity and communication skills!
Jerusalem is a unique where every corner is full of history dating back to ancient times and where mosques, churches and synagogues stand side by side.
Discovery of Barbados. This eternally sunny island with beautiful beaches offers various activities: water sports, diving, golf, cricket and polo.
Original title | The beautiful Ramatuelle region in Provence, France offers luxury hotels, wine tours, a legendary beach on the Mediterranean and much more.
Daniel Lachance