Tasting This May 3 at Toqué!, all members of PFV were present for a tasting of a selection of their best wines: Julien de Beaumarchais de Rothschild (Mouton Rothschild), Hubert de Billy (Champagne Pol Roger), Egon Müller (Egon Müller Scharzhof), Laurent Drouhin (Joseph Drouhin), Alessia Antinori (Marchesi Antinori), Priscilla Incisa della Rocchetta (Tenuta San Guido), … Continue reading PRIMUM FAMILIÆ VINI

Alan MacIntosh, dream mission

When is a serial entrepreneur not a born entrepreneur? For Alan MacIntosh, raised in Scotland, and armed with a degree in Offshore Engineering from Heriot-Watt University, Edinburgh, the first career decision was multinational: “I was absolutely thinking about which ‘cool company’ I wanted to work for, as it wasn’t in my ‘DNA’ to wonder, what … Continue reading Alan MacIntosh, dream mission

Philippe Marsan, building happinness day-by-day.

For Philippe Marsan, business is in his genes. The son of an entrepreneur, Marsan grew up in the family business. In 1996, he founded his own company specializing in the construction of high quality custom homes, source of pride for their owners, and the communities in which they are built. An object that you couldn’t … Continue reading Philippe Marsan, building happinness day-by-day.

From here… and elsewhere

DAMAS CUISINE SYRIENNE 5210 avenue du Parc, Montréal (514) 439 5435 What could be better than sharing a great meal with friends? Damas Restaurant lends itself well to this sentiment. The atmosphere is lively, the staff professional and friendly, and the kitchen? Simply delicious! Damas features Mediterranean cuisine. The freshness and quality of ingredients, flavours, … Continue reading From here… and elsewhere

Philippe Cardinal-Houde, A passion for flight

This month, Philippe Cardinal-Houde will be 25 years old. So what, you say. Except for the fact that this young man practices a vocation that doesn’t correspond to his age: airplane pilot’s. Since 2004, Houde has held a pilot’s license, earned at the Laurentide Aviation Flight School, a private institution in Les Cèdres. He has … Continue reading Philippe Cardinal-Houde, A passion for flight

Classic and casual

Designer Alexandra Sanchez’ inspiration has stamped this home with a classic seal, while preserving a convivial and contemporary living space. This cozy house was built recently by Sotramont in the Bois-Franc neighborhood of Saint-Laurent from plans by architect André Viel. The layout, created by designer Alexandra Sanchez, oscillates between a classic style and modern comfort. … Continue reading Classic and casual

Nighttime Interiors

The day is winding down. Increasingly we take pleasure in retreating into our own cocoon, lying in bed with a book before bedtime, or with a tablet to start the day. Nestled in a sea of cushions, pillows and blankets, we enjoy autumn from a different perspective. Designed 20 years ago by Vico Magistretti for … Continue reading Nighttime Interiors

Small obsessions

Certain cosmetics cross the barrier between physical and the mental well being, pushing the Feel Good effect to its fullest. Here’s a bold list of small jars with convincing benefits. ATTITUDE COUTURE With the Complete Salon Manicure nail polish collection, Sally Hansen has collaborated with top designers to create a unique look for the nails … Continue reading Small obsessions

Interview Lubov

What is the inspiration for this show? LA: We work with bandage, so we needed to find a new way to renew the look. So for this show, we thought about nature, as when you walk in to a forest, you have textures of leaves, animals etc.. A forest is very surreal. There are a … Continue reading Interview Lubov

The Tesla S P85 electric: Pure happiness

It has no muffler, doesn’t pollute, never stops for gas, travels in silence, can accommodate seven people, contains two trunks, requires minimal maintenance, holds the road better than the sharpest sport cars, and as if all that weren’t enough, is beautiful to behold. What could be better? These flattering epithets describe the phenomenal California Tesla … Continue reading The Tesla S P85 electric: Pure happiness