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Designer Alexandra Sanchez’ inspiration has stamped this home with a classic seal, while preserving a convivial and contemporary living space.

This cozy house was built recently by Sotramont in the Bois-Franc neighborhood of Saint-Laurent from plans by architect André Viel. The layout, created by designer Alexandra Sanchez, oscillates between a classic style and modern comfort.

The living room sets the tone for a timeless design, with its cultured stone mantle. But the traditional hearth cedes place to a gas insert, a cleaner and simpler operation. Two recently designed sofas (Montauk) blend seamlessly with antique chairs refurbished in rich velvet (Crescendo), all positioned on an oriental rug. The imposing windows draped in a silky shade stay on theme with the decor. But the undisputed star of the room is a monumental painting by Alberta-born, Montréal-based, artist Kevin Sonmor (Galerie de Bellefeuille). The pattern continues in the dining room with stylish furniture and works of art. Here, the pièce de résistance is the chandelier with glass pendants. In the kitchen, Sanchez opted for modern conveniences: state-of-theart appliances (Signature Bachand), granite worktops, chocolatestained cherry wood cabinets, recessed pot lights, an island… A detail of note is the exotic Cumaru wood floor which runs through to the dining nook, and reappears here and there. A cherry wood staircase swirls up over three floors. The bedroom and bathroom alternate between refinement and warmth, comfort and efficiency, the former a succession of charming spaces, where the wrought iron, polished wood, and soft fabrics compete for interest; the latter, with its sober elegance delivers all of the intended creature comforts.

The exterior design has not been left out, as Alexandra Sanchez has transformed it into an urban oasis. The rear of the house now includes different zones for specific needs. An inground pool with turquoise water is both aesthetic and refreshing. Along the immaculate pool decking, a marked contrast to the abundant greenery, we come upon lounge chairs for relaxing, flower pots that lend to the atmosphere, and glass lanterns to illuminate nighttime swims. Further along, a beautifully set dining area blends with an adjoining space conducive to conversing with friends, furnished with a comfortable sofa selected in the same verdant style and colour (Jardin de Ville). Finally, the garden itself, with its romantic wooden bench placed at the end of a path within a formal French garden, at the center of which sits a contemporary fountain. An inspired play on classic and modern themes.

This property is currently offered by Jill Shpritser of Sothebys (514) 691 0800

Photos: Yves Lefebvre
Stylist: Alexandra Sanchez











The exterior design has not been left out, as Alexandra Sanchez has transformed it into an urban oasis.











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