Philippe Marsan, building happinness day-by-day.

Design Louis George
Galerie Blanche

For Philippe Marsan, business is in his genes. The son of an entrepreneur, Marsan grew up in the family business. In 1996, he founded his own company specializing in the construction of high quality custom homes, source of pride for their owners, and the communities in which they are built.

An object that you couldn’t do without? Any new technology that facilitates everyday life.

The achievement you are most proud of? My family, and my daughters, 10 and 8 years old. If I don’t always have enough time to give them, I ensure that at least it’s quality time.

One thing that most people don’t know about you? The extent to which I can be ‘over-the-top’ and passionate. When I start a new project or activity, such as
boating, or more recently, golf, I invest myself in it completely, and dedicate almost all my free time to it.

A city that inspires you? New York. Of course its architecture inspires me, but what takes my breath away is the energy the city gives off.

The trip of your dreams? Italy. But I’d also like to explore the Mediterranean, the Greek Islands, and Turkey.

Your favourite accessory? shoes.

Your favourite book? I mostly read magazines sports, golf, boating. That’s what I need to clear my mind before I sleep.

Your indulgence? A good red wine and a good meal at home, shared with friends. In fact, I seldom dine out, but oftenentertain, and my circle of friends is
essential in my life.

For you, the height of luxury is? A beautiful meal on a beach. A gourmet dinner at sunset.

Your philosophyon life? It’s more important to make a success of your own life, than to achieve success in your professional career. Family, friends, and the pursuit of happiness… that’s what really matters.

Three values that define you? Integrity, loyalty, and respect, in all aspects of my life.

Your definition of happiness? A perfect balance between family, work, and friends.

One thing that irritates you? Negative people, a gloomy spirit, and people who denigrate everything. Why bear those who drain the life out of things?

Your biggest achievement in your career? On the subject of my business, I prefer to speak of a series of successes. Over the years, we have indeed won several prestigious awards, such as Domus. My greatest source of pride is the recognition from my clients, and from the municipalities where we work.

Concept Immobilier Marsan,

Photo: Michelle Gagné


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