Beautiful, striking stones, wood galore, decorative elements focused on comfort, neutral, natural colours, and large windows that let out on to the stunning landscape: a recipe for a residence where the living and entertaining is easy.Continue reading
Frederique Constant
One weekend we were invited to the ‘Tremblant Living’ experience. We reach the old village, drive along the chemin du Lac Supérieur, and after a few turns, arrive at a gate requiring a security code. Continue reading
They are numerous: restaurateurs who have elected to take up residence at Mont-Tremblant. A focus on these artisans who love good food, and delight the taste buds.Continue reading
Occasionally, a new boutique hotel opens and simply becomes a ‘game changer’. Such is the case for The Refinery Hotel, a rare pearl situated in the heart of the fashion district, walking distance from Times Square and the Empire State Continue reading
Innovation is not always synonymous with technology; it may simply be a renewal in the way one does business, as is the case at Intrafic, founded in 2012 by Nathalie Deshaies, now partnered with Marie-Hélène Hivon.Continue reading
C&M Textiles
Design Louis George
Laurent Proulx is a philanthropist and lover of life, and a man devoted to the cause of prostate cancer. A determined go-getter, Proulx is something of a modern-day gladiator, exemplified by his fervent passion for sports.Continue reading
Harricana is the name of a Canadian river that stretches over 500km. The word also means ‘the long way’ in Algonquin – a metaphor that applies perfectly to this brand, and the exceptional career of its founder, Mariouche Gagné. A meeting with a creative visionary.Continue reading
From the iconic Meisterstück pen to refined leather goods and prestige perfumes, we celebrate a brand at the summit of excellence. Continue reading
Tremblant alpine ski fanatics, André Parisien and Daniel Lachance, when asked about their favourite international ski destination, needn’t think too long nor hard. Val d’Isere? Whistler? Cortina d’Ampezzo? They choose Austria.Continue reading
Something miraculous is happening at the Segal Centre in Montreal, and this is thanks in no small part to local philanthropist Alvin Segal: the theatre, as a cultural institution, is thriving. The play is not an antiquated art form, but is instead the main event at Montreal’s most illustrious English playhouse and cultural centre, and this was precisely Mr. Segal’s vision Continue reading
Bui Optométriste
Bardagi - Remax du cartier