Singer-songwriter Richard Petit, like his famous brother, comic Martin Petit, is no stranger to the adrenalin rush that comes of performing before an audience. his credits include collaborating with the group Les Colocs and creating music for television productions. However, all this is in the past since he found his lodestar and began living his dream.
Glide over the snow. Move your body. Raise your heart rate. At the same time, gaze at nature, enjoy a picnic, and travel. Cross-country skiing enables you to do all this, and more. Whether practiced as a leisure activity or a sport, it is one of the most popular winter activities in Quebec.
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How privileged we are, as Quebecers, to live where nature abounds. In fact, our mountains, nature reserves, fjords, and rivers often receive international media coverage. It is indeed a gift to have access to thousands of kilometres of trails offering getaways of a few hours, days, or even weeks. Here are some destinations that will pique your passion for wide-open spaces.
Sailing is an extraordinary, multifaceted pastime. It can be very relaxing when the sea or lake is calm, the sun shining, the winds light and the silence all-enveloping. Piloting a keelboat, enjoying a moment of bliss as you admire the crimson sky at twilight. Sailing can also be a thrilling sport when the wind is in the mainsail and genoa, causing the boat to list with the swell, forcing you to focus both your muscles and mind on the electrifying task of controlling the vessel.
Alpine touring or uphill skiing involves donning skis and boots with synthetic skins fitted underneath, to climb to the summit. Once there, fly down the slopes!
Review of Canadian athletes successes in international tennis in 2019: Bianca Andreescu, Denis Shapovalov, Félix Auger-Aliassime and Sylvain Bruneau.
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