Anna Maria Parisi and Giuseppe Vendetti Make way for Italy !

It all started with a love story between Anna Maria Parisi, a young girl from Laval, passionate about clothing, and an Italian native from Puglia. To paraphrase a French adage, when we wed a spouse, we marry a country. But who would make the move? In this union it would be Giuseppe Vendetti who would … Continue reading Anna Maria Parisi and Giuseppe Vendetti Make way for Italy !

Milano Design

Claudio Luti, President of Cosmit, organizer of the Milan Furniture Fair, states that 324,093 visitors from 160 countries give proof that innovation and design are important levers, especially in challenging economic times for Europe. A digest on the latest designs from the prestigious Salon. The GranTorino sofa by leather furnishings specialist Poltrona Frau is the … Continue reading Milano Design

Janet Werner, portraits of women

Inspired by popular culture and 20th and 21st century photography, Janet Werner offers a contemporary reinterpretation of femininity with large offset and disjunctive portraits embedded within a dreamlike scenery. Born in Winnipeg, Janet Werner has participated in numerous exhibitions in Canada and abroad. Today she lives, teaches, and creates her works in Montreal, many of … Continue reading Janet Werner, portraits of women
Design Louis-George

Salvatore Parasuco, jeans in his blood

Jeans no longer have the blues. Salvatore Parasuco, kingpin of denim, can attest to this. He has reinvented the jean several times at the source, altering its raw material. Presenting the incredible story of Parasuco. Upon founding his business, Salvatore Parasuco had a vision of creating an innovative company with an international flavor. This Italian-Canadian … Continue reading Salvatore Parasuco, jeans in his blood

Buon Appetito!

FABBRICA PASTA SHOPPE 6896 rue Saint-Dominique, Montréal 514.564.3842 Located in the heart of Little Italy, Chef Luciano offers bobo denizens a classic Italian cuisine: pasta, homemade sauces and delicious antipasti served in a friendly and intimate atmosphere. Generous portions and classic presentation are the hallmarks of this restaurant. And believe us when we tell you … Continue reading Buon Appetito!

Mediterranean turnkey

On a beautiful summer’s day, a couple of globetrotters arrive on the Isle of Beauty. To create their dream haven, they call on Les Ensembliers who share their common passion for homes. The work to be done is overwhelming. The mandate, requiring the complete overhaul of a house built in the 1980s in a private … Continue reading Mediterranean turnkey

Domodimonti, truly natural wines

Some people are as well organized in their professional life as in their private life. Take the example of Dr. Francesco Bellini, holder of a doctorate in organic chemistry, leader in his field, and co-founder of biotechnology company, Biochem Pharma – the Québec success story behind ‘Lamivudine’ used in the treatment of AIDS. After selling … Continue reading Domodimonti, truly natural wines

Bravo, signor Bonaldo!

In Northern Italy, one witnesses strong and creative economic activity. There are numerous extremely dynamic companies even in highly competitive sectors like furniture. Among some hundred companies in the sector, Bonaldo is not the most important, neither by revenues nor head count. But it punches above its weight and counts as a significant player, even … Continue reading Bravo, signor Bonaldo!

Must haves for summer

White bag Salvatore Ferragammo, $1 850 Ogilvy Chaussures Flat shoes, Miu Miu, $650 Holt Renfrew Back and white bow, $XXX Henri Vézina Sunglasses, Versace, $269 Lunetterie Luc Doyle Sandals, Prada, $950 Holt Renfrew Crossbody bag, Balenciaga, $1 145 Holt Renfrew Bag, Red Valentino, $395 Lyla Scarf, Missisoni, $545 Ogilvy accessoires Belt, Prada, $470 Holt Renfrew … Continue reading Must haves for summer
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