Anna Maria Parisi and Giuseppe Vendetti Make way for Italy !


It all started with a love story between Anna Maria Parisi, a young girl from Laval, passionate about clothing, and an Italian native from Puglia. To paraphrase a French adage, when we wed a spouse, we marry a country. But who would make the move? In this union it would be Giuseppe Vendetti who would courageously choose to settle in Québec, speaking neither French nor English. His father in law, of Sicilian origin, who had run a successful food and beverage business with his wife, had died prematurely. But there was never any question that this couple would continue in the family business. Rather, Anna Maria and Giuseppe pooled their meager savings, made the necessary sacrifices, and proceeded to import high-end women’s wear. The next step was to find a retail location, and after a few pitfalls, a lease was signed in 2004 in a commercial mall on Samson Boulevard. Boutique Made in Italy was born. The reference to ‘birth’ is no accident: Giuseppe speaks with fierce pride of the business as if it were his own… baby. And their customers remain very loyal.

Today, Giuseppe speaks fluent French, runs accounting, and transacts with suppliers. Anna Maria and Giuseppe share operational tasks, including the biannual purchasing function with suppliers, Più Più, Beatrice B., and Sfizio, situated near Venice. Their products are high quality and avantgarde. Anna Maria places great emphasis on these aspects: fabric, confection, and tailoring. Everything must be faultless. And she insists that all clothing, including the fabrics, be made in Italy. This element is key to the brand’s reputation. Anna Maria and Giuseppe dearly wanted a downtown storefront, and this goal was ultimately realized by chance following a stroll in a west-end neighbourhood, and in September 2011 the second boutique opened in Westmount. Always driven by great passion, Anna Maria and Giuseppe have several projects in mind for the future, like a third boutique of course, but also some larger ambitions, still being finalized, in the field of women’s clothes Made in Italy. The love story continues.

Photo: Brian Ypperciel

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