Salvatore Parasuco, jeans in his blood

Ski Daniel Lachance

Jeans no longer have the blues. Salvatore Parasuco, kingpin of denim, can attest to this. He has reinvented the jean several times at the source, altering its raw material. Presenting the incredible story of Parasuco.

Upon founding his business, Salvatore Parasuco had a vision of creating an innovative company with an international flavor. This Italian-Canadian immigrant has revolutionized the world of jeans. At the age of 14 he began his jean bleaching experiments in the washing machine at his parents› home in Montréal. He later sold them to friends, using his school locker as a sales area. At age 19, he opened his first store in Montréal, where he sold what would become the infamous faded jean.

In 1975, he founded Santana Jeans, which would become the creative source behind some of the most popular jean styles: the faded acid wash, the supernoir wash, the stonewash, and sandblast look are just a few examples of his creative genius. He relates that stretch denim, one of his most significant innovations, was a simple solution to the problem faced by his receptionist of sitting comfortably all day in tight pants.

Salvatore Parasuco quickly became a leader in denim, and decided to branch out on his own, creating Parasuco Jeans. Since its inception in 1988, stars like Céline Dion and Jennifer Lopez have adopted the brand’s style. His designs have rapidly crossed the borders of Québec, and the brand’s iconic Chimera of Arezzo logo has garnered a loyal clientele. Constantly perfecting his mastery of denim, while simultaneously using his boutiques as a springboard for technical innovations and new creations, Parasuco has become one of the top global brands in its field. The company shapes its image with the help of renowned photographer Serge Barbeau, and creates a unique look with its advertising campaigns. Parasuco represents a way of life. Still to this day, Parasuco dresses a host of celebrities of various backgrounds, from Justin Bieber to One Direction, Mia Martina and Bon Jovi, as well as superstars Jessica Alba, Halle Berry, and Tommy Lee, to name a few.

Today the company has its sights set on the United States (for a second time), as well as Asia and Europe. Parasuco, mentor to some of the most flourishing talent in Québec (Philippe Dubuc, Andy Thê-Anh, and Iso) argues for a better system of protection for fashion innovations, and a more respectful environment for the pioneers of the Québec fashion economy. A cuisine buff and maple syrup lover Parasuco relates that his frustration with the status quo is often the cradle of his creativity, and that his Italian temperament makes him open to the world and to the needs of his customers.

This self-made millionaire has certainly not finished surprising us, and inspiring dreams. Some of his plans for the Fall: the ‘joggy’ (a cross between jeans and sweatpants), the return of People for Peace (a collaborative project between nations), and finally, the grand opening of his New York City location.

We understand why thousands of fans swear by his creations. Bravissimo, Signor Parasuco!


Photos: Geraldo Pace











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