Peak performance

Amel Chamandy, Multidisciplinary artist

Photographer, sculptor, designer, businesswoman and art collector. Amel Chamandy is all that and more. This creative free spirit lives in a world without limits, finding joy in life, beauty and harmony, and expressing herself in every way possible. An encounter with a multidisciplinary artist. When working with her camera, she is inspired by the ordinary. … Continue reading Amel Chamandy, Multidisciplinary artist


On a recent trip to Brussels, I stayed at the Amigo Hotel, located in the heart of the historic part of the city. The moment I arrived, I was smitten with the warm welcome, and was delighted to find myself just steps away from museums, Christmas markets, and one of the most famous squares in … Continue reading Amigo


Nestled in the forest, built using ancient Japanese techniques and furnished with iconic modern furniture, this house is the essence of serenity. Gerardo and Leliane, our two young professional homeowners, have yet to reach 30. They met in law school: she became a notary in Mont-Tremblant, and he, born in Italy and a non-practising lawyer, … Continue reading Zen

Have a seat…

The sofa is the centrepiece of any living room or den. It determines the rest of the decor, and is the preferred place for sitting, talking, stretching out and relaxing. These pieces suit a variety of style and comfort needs. Have a seat… – e-mag

Artist’s space

“For years, my husband and I have wanted to live in Old Montreal,” says Sylvie, a well-known Montreal businesswoman with a notable career path. After graduating from HEC, she became the youngest person – and first woman in North America – ever to run a Lexus dealership. She acquired five dealerships by the time she … Continue reading Artist’s space

Boutique Daniel Lachance, for the love of skiing

How do you transform a business into an institution? By putting your money, your heart, and your soul into it, according to Daniel Lachance, who started his business in 1980. This ski enthusiast who is impassioned by all things technical has been operating at the same Mont-Tremblant address for 35 years (which his customers love … Continue reading Boutique Daniel Lachance, for the love of skiing


Jewellery completes a look, taking it to another level of perfection. It is never chosen by chance, for it reflects who we are, our style, and our current mood. Every piece is unique and precious. Direction and Stylist : Alexandra Gauthier Photos : Marjorie Guindon sophistication – e-mag


Directionand Stylist : Alexandra Gauthier Photos : Marjorie Guindon Models : Mélizane (Dulceldo) and Olivier K. (Montage) Stylist’s assistant : Lerica Condie Hair and make-up : Amélie Thomas Photographer’s assistant : Arianne Bergeron Retouching Artist : Valérie Laliberté WINTER WARM – e-mag