Boutique Daniel Lachance, for the love of skiing

How do you transform a business into an institution? By putting your money, your heart, and your soul into it, according to Daniel Lachance, who started his business in 1980. This ski enthusiast who is impassioned by all things technical has been operating at the same Mont-Tremblant address for 35 years (which his customers love because of the easy parking!). At first, the store was called Tremblant Ski Services, a good description of what was available inside. But then the name was changed to Boutique de ski Daniel Lachance, in keeping with a European trend reflecting customer identification with the person who represents the essence of the enterprise.

Over the years, Daniel Lachance has made an impressive name for himself as an alpine ski specialist. Instructors, importers, athletes and ski enthusiasts alike know Lachance for the skis, boots, bindings and clothing he sells. He has also carved out a niche in alpine touring, where you ski downhill but walk uphill using skins, which allows you to ski off the beaten path. The growing popularity of the sport has resulted in a whole new department within the store.

With his solid reputation and long-standing presence in Mont-Tremblant, one of Canada’s foremost ski destinations, Daniel Lachance has become a point of reference in the skiing community. He is a true technical expert, one of a few remaining in a shrinking field. Some of his expertise was gained during a stint at a Rossignol facility in Europe. But no matter where he is, or what he is doing, quality always come first, and it is no surprise that he is one of the largest sellers of high-end skis in Canada. And this fall, he is even marketing a pair of skis that bear his name – and are numbered! The high-performance skis have a clean, classic look that brings mountain gear to mind. Finally, yet another department in the store has been developed for outdoor enthusiasts, featuring boots, coats, scarves, and other clothing accessories for the skier lifestyle.

Daniel Lachance has definitely left his mark in these mountains thanks to his passion, his expertise, his approach, and his involvement in his community. Skiing really is his life: when the store closes from mid-April to September, you can usually find Lachance in Chile… on the slopes.

Boutique Daniel Lachance, 2245 chemin du Village, Mont-Tremblant, (819) 425 8985

Boutique Daniel Lachance, for the love of skiing – e-mag

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