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The century-old Maserati brand, which continues to command respect due to its legendary history, is now thriving under Ferrari rule. In the early years, the company was owned successively by the five Maserati brothers, founded by the family in 1914. However, a lack of capital during the difficult Depression years saw the company come under … Continue reading Bellissimi

Inspiring interior

Chantal’s challenge was to imagine and plan her home to make the most of every square foot; to organize the space to create a pleasant environment, in every season. Along with her friend, architect Renée Daoust of Daoust Lestage, this dream home is now ‘mission accomplished’. Chantal and Jean-François lived in a mansard-roofed home in … Continue reading Inspiring interior


farniente! Sun, white sand, and fine food. Nizuc Resort and Spa opened in March 2013 and is a newcomer among luxury destinations. It may not be well known in Quebec just yet, but a surge in popularity in the near future is no doubt guaranteed. Once a retreat for Mexican business leaders and government dignitaries, … Continue reading farniente!

Bucket list

“Int hree seconds, I felt like I was leaving the planet, Everything turned white. No more reference points: no trees…” Cars are Richard Petit’s first love. But when he was offered a ride in a subsonic jet, he just had to say yes. Talk about a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity! It was a glorious day in June, … Continue reading Bucket list

Ferran Adrià / Richard Geoffroy – Partners in creativity

“I’m not interested in making a perfect champagne. I just want to make the best champagne.” Ferran Adrià and Richard Geoffroy have pushed the boundaries of their craft, each in his own way. We met up with these two creative geniuses in Spain. Barcelona was the place and Dom Pérignon was the host, as representatives … Continue reading Ferran Adrià / Richard Geoffroy – Partners in creativity


As Shan prepares to celebrate its 30th anniversary – no small achievement in the fashion industry – we look back at what has made the Quebec brand so globally successful. As a little girl, Chantal Lévesque wanted a bicycle. So, she fashioned some dolls, peddled them door-to-door, and sold enough of them to buy her … Continue reading Shan
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