Carlos Ferreira, from Gastronomy to Formula 1

We can never say enough about Carlos Ferreira, a leading figure of the Montreal restaurant scene. Eighteen years at the helm of his restaurant on Peel, Ferreira continues to reinvent himself. Meet a businessman who thrives on passion.Continue reading
Bui Optométriste

Richard Grenon, at the top of his profession

Around Ventoux

While some prefer Mont Ventoux for winter skiing, the summer season offers a wide variety of attractions, and exceptional light. Continue reading

Katia Poulin, Artist of the sociable imagination

With her sweet and playful voice on the other end of the line, she shares all, unfiltered, with passion and honesty. She is sensitive, spiritual, concerned for others, respectful of the imaginary viewer who sets eyes on her canvas.Continue reading
Galerie Beauchamp

Precious confection

Respected for provocative and glamorous creations, designers Viktor Horsting and Rolf Snoeren present their new tantalizing fragrance named … BonBon (Candy)! Continue reading

Ardent bouquet

The scent of the sun, smoked wood and white flowers on skin burning with sensuality.Continue reading

Summer joy

We celebrate the professional design brush, the hot orange manicure, bronzing face powder... Top essential beauty picks of summer.Continue reading


Elegant sleekness, subtle colour, superb quality. Portrait of a ‘second skin’ line that respects the body architecture while sublimating its contours.Continue reading
Galerie Beauchamp

Urban condo