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In describing their DNA, McLaren says “every car we build incorporates race-bred technology, pioneering innovation and our celebrated obsession with detail. It’s how Bruce [McLaren] did it. It’s how we do it. It’s how it should be done.” No matter who you talk to at McLaren Montréal, this passion and excitement resonates in their voices, their words, and their love for the brand and their work.

Founded in 1963 by New Zealander Bruce McLaren, the eponymous team won its first F1 race atthe 1968 Belgian Grand Prix. Their greatest initial success was in Can-Am, which they dominated from 1967 to 1971. Very few owners have raced their own cars in F1, however Bruce not only races his, he is one of only two men to win a Grand Prix in a race car bearing his name. McLaren wasn’t a competitive driver, he was also the owner, designer, analyst, engineer and chief mechanic of the McLaren Racing Team. Bruce was an automotive genius. Tragically, he was killed at age 32 while testing his new McLaren M8D CanAm car at the Goodwood circuit, though his legacy lived on through those he had inspired and worked closely.

The philosophy of “everything happens for a reason” started with Bruce McLaren. Every design, engineering decision, curve and component continues to be considered in microscopic detail, all with the goal of enhancing the vehicle’s performance and driver experience.

McLaren Automotive is a British manufacturer of luxury, high-performance sports and super cars, located at the McLaren Technology Centre (MTC) in Woking, England. In 1981, McLaren revolutionised Formula 1 racing with the MP4/1, the world’s first carbon fibre racing car. The introduction of a carbon fibre chassis made for lighter, stiffer and stronger race cars. Aerospace engineers thought this an impossible feat at first, but McLaren designer John Barnard’s drive and imagination proved that the use of carbon fibre cars not only made cars faster, but safer too, thanks to a stiffness-to-weight ratio that is much higher than conventional steel and aluminium.

McLaren vowed to create the lightest car in their class, and the introduction of a carbon fibre monocoque was a major part of this accomplishment. McLaren continues to innovate with automation technology for greater precision, new adhesives, resins and processes to improve products, making them not only stronger and lighter, but also easier to construct, and spectacular to behold.

McLaren Automotive made its global debut in 2010. Drawing on 50 years of racing success, the brand has created some of the most iconic and exhilarating road cars the world has ever seen. McLaren Montréal, which opened officially in October 2017, is one of only three dealerships in Canada. The DNA of the dealership is to provide a stellar experience for customers wishing to buy a super car that is as much of a pleasure to own as it is to drive. Hot off the starting blocks, McLaren Montréal more than surpassed their sales objectives in their first year of operation.

Who exactly drives a McLaren creation? Those looking to experience first-hand the latest technology behind super cars, of course. McLaren is the ultimate expression of aerodynamic expertise. When it comes to this breed of super car, a McLaren is the most driveable in terms of comfort, with interior designers committed to the ultimate driver experience. McLaren road cars appeal to buyers from a variety of different fields. Technology industry moguls, engineers and anyone who respects the hand craftsmanship and bespoke assembly process of every car McLaren produces are likely buyers, with strong appeal for automotive collectors.

McLaren organizes track days and other exclusive events for owners throughout the year.

The buying experience is just as enjoyable as driving a McLaren. Much like a custom tailor, your representative works with you to select every feature in detail. Even the colour selection is infinite. If you cannot find what you are looking for in the existing range, McLaren will design it for you.

As your representative opens the M.A.R.C system—installed in McLaren dealerships to provides a three-dimensional image of the car with 4K detail—be prepared to make some unbelievable selections. This software, customized by McLaren, was designed to provide buyers with a completely unique, real-time configuration experience.

McLaren also provides experiences throughout the year for owners to appreciate their vehicle to the fullest. The McLaren Club of Canada organizes an annual rally to the Grand Prix from Toronto to Ottawa, then to Mont-Tremblant, and on to Montreal to kick off Grand Prix festivities! Track days and other exclusive events are part of the McLaren ownership experience.

For those who are inspired to learn more about this legacy automotive brand and its distinct appeal, visit McLaren Montréal in Laval, where the staff mantra is refreshing approachability. Don’t forget the brand philosophy when considering a McLaren vehicle: Prepare. Commit. Belong

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