Destination; Auberge Saint Antoine, Îlot Hunt, in Quebec City with its panoramic views of the mighty St. Lawrence River and the icebreaker ferries crossing to the south shore. Hospitality and history go hand in hand where past and present meet.
Porsche has embraced innovation, usability, sustainability and tradition in the new Taycan.
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3 Femmes & 1 Coussin
Birks invested in both the University of Guelph and Alvéole research into saving bees and urban beekeeping projects.
Original title: McLaren | Every car that McLaren builds incorporates their winning race-bred technology, their pioneering innovation and their obsession with detail.
Original title: Mercedes-Benz Laval - sister act | Co-owners of Mercedes-Benz Laval, sisters Carole and Louise Leblanc, took over the reins from their father in the 90s. Today, they sell over 2,000 cars a year.
Turcot Olivier
Nadia Maltais