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Luc St-Cyr – President of La Galerie du Meuble

A Quebec city native, Luc St-Cyr grew up in a family involved in selling, manufacturing, and designing furniture. In 1981, he began a successful career as an interior designer and sales consultant at La Galerie du Meuble, eventually taking on several management positions before becoming president of the company in 2012.

Name three things you feel are essential to a happy life. For me, happiness comes primarily from spending time with loved ones. Another key source of motivation and accomplishment is finding new professional challenges.

Whom do you care about the most? My wife and daughter, without a doubt! They are a tremendous source of inspiration for me.

What famous person do you most admire? Frank Lloyd Wright, the celebrated architect who strongly influenced the development of contemporary architecture. He used horizontal lines to incorporate the landscape, creating connections between inside and outside.

What do you think are the most important personal qualities? Sharing, integrity, respect, and tenacity.

What faults bother you the most? Procrastination and those who take credit for other people’s work.

Frederique Constant

What does beauty mean to you? I believe that beauty represents, among other things, harmony between nature and architecture, between interiors and architecture.

What are your hobbies? Travel is one of my great passions; I enjoy getting away and finding inspiration in trends from around the world. I also love our four-season climate because I can go biking, skiing, and hiking, all of which keep me active.

How would you describe the essence of elegance? Though elegance begins with simplicity, it also requires harmony in colours, proportions, and lines.

What is your favourite colour? Any shade of blue, particularly the various hues you find in rivers, lakes, and oceans.

And your favourite material? I really like Carrara marble for its depth, its calming effect, and, above all, the fact that it feels as if the material is still alive.

What country are you especially fond of? There are many, but I think my very favourite is Italy, for its history, architecture, and design. I also love the Italian lifestyle.

What country would you like to visit? Nepal for its mountains, majestic peaks, and open spaces.

What are the keys to a successful, sustainable business? You must be visionary and innovative; you have to set long-term objectives and clearly communicate them to your team. Communication is essential, as are hard work and tenacity.

What is your greatest dream? I am constantly making my dreams come true by living life to the fullest. What I enjoy most is sharing my various experiences with family and friends.

What do you find most interesting about your work? New projects and new challenges: I never feel as I have been at La Galerie du Meuble for 40 years because the job is always changing. I am proud to help the company pursue its tradition of excellence as it celebrates its 65th anniversary.


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