Endre Pech – Hugo Boss

From Budapest to Toronto, via Stuttgart, Madrid, Mexico City and São Paulo, Endre Pech has risen through the ranks to become Managing Director of Hugo Boss Canada. A man of intelligence and heart, a world traveller with many passions, and an economist by training, he epitomizes the new generation of managers who focus on personal relationships and sustainability.

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What do you believe is essential to happiness? Let’s face it, it’s hard to be happy when you have no healthy food, access to clean water, or energy and your rights are being violated. Those are the basics. But I don’t believe that happiness is simply a matter of material possessions either. For me, happiness is having a balanced life that includes nature and family. It’s the people we meet… Loving yourself and those around you. Whom do you care about the most? My partner and future wife, my companion, the yin to my yang. Whom do you most admire? I could draw up quite a long list, but I admire the humanity of two people in particular: the Dalai Lama for his heart and soul, and Barack Obama for his brilliant mind. What do you think are the most important personal qualities? Respect for others, empathy, self-confidence, mutual trust, and a sense of honour and responsibility. What does beauty mean to you? I think it has to do with balance and complementarity. For me, nature and human consciousness are the most beautiful and most mysterious elements of life. Which artist inspires you? Salvador Dalí for his thinking outside the box and talent for capturing both reality and the dream world on a canvas or in a sculpture. What does elegance mean to you? It means finding your own style for every occasion and not necessarily just wearing the latest fashion. It means wearing something suited to your culture, the country you live in, and the occasion. Elegance is self-esteem, which is what Hugo Boss has always promoted, whether you are sporting a suit or casual clothing. What is your favourite colour? It’s definitely blue—from dark shades to vivid colours like royal blue, electric blue, and ocean blue. And your favourite material? Natural fabrics, cotton, and wool blends that are both soft and practical for everyday life or travel. What place are you particularly fond of? I love Fernando de Noronha, an island off the coast of Brazil in the Atlantic, which is a protected wildlife park and a paradise for divers and hikers, and the Galápagos Islands in Ecuador. I would also add Budapest, Madrid, New York, and Toronto, which I love for its diversity and culture. What are the keys to a successful, sustainable company? You have to take a comprehensive approach; it’s a work in progress that starts with the people working for the company. Most importantly, you have to pay attention to the staff, the workplace, and employee benefits, and take care of your partners, your suppliers, and every member of the supply chain. Hugo Boss has already implemented a number of programs to promote sustainable development with regard to resources, e.g., the use of materials, dyes and energy, as well as the clothing manufacturing process. Since 2017, Hugo Boss has been part of the Dow Jones Sustainability Index. Companies can no longer do business they way they used to—they have to adapt.


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