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Andrina Todaro may have a wide range of interests, but her passion for design dates back to her teenage years. After studying science in CEGEP, she opted for the arts, earning a bachelor’s degree in music. She then completed a DEC in communications, and worked for Montreal-based production companies. “I ended up working with my father at Avant-Scène because he wanted my help creating the website,” she recounts. That was nearly ten years ago. Since then, Andrina has learned more about the business and taken on more and more tasks for her father, who is planning on taking well-deserved time off for himself.

Thanks to her talents, the company now has a strong online profile and social media presence. “We also recently moved; the new location is three times larger than our old store. We’re now located on rue Saint-Paul Ouest in Old Montreal, which is bringing us new clients, notably architects and interior designers,” notes Andrina, who is the main contact for these professionals. Her growing passion for high-end design has only increased over the years. “I’ve actually been involved in the company for years; I first worked here when I was a 15-year-old student.” When it comes to the future, this entrepreneur sees the store emulating the great showrooms of New York, brimming with a great range of products. “Our goal is to make it one of the largest high-end interior design showrooms.”
Andrina Todaro – e-mag

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