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You may have already noticed the Point G shop on Mont-Royal Avenue. In fact, you likely have, because it is hard to miss! With its fuchsia storefront and eye-catching name, this attractive little store definitely awakens a desire to find out what is inside. Point G is the creation of Julien Reignier, who wanted to realize his dream of perfecting the art of the French macaron, one of the most difficult desserts to master. Looking for his destiny, as well as a catchy business name, he founded Point G in 2008, right in the heart of the Plateau Mont-Royal.

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When asked how to produce the “perfect macaron,” Reignier hesitates. “There are several schools of thought in the world of macarons and, of course, many ways to make meringues,” he explains.

First, a macaron is a confection of two perfect shells made of almond flour, egg whites, and sugar, sandwiched around a not-too-sweet creamy filling, creating an incredible explosion of tastes and textures in the mouth. Though every detail counts when making macarons, the meringue, according to the pastry chef, is the most important ingredient.

“At Point G, we work with Italian meringue; its characteristics make it the best option for our macarons. Italian meringue not only offers the perfect texture, its longer shelf life also makes it optimal for in-store and delivery orders. In short, it keeps better.”

In the restaurant industry, pastry chefs most often use French meringue, which is ideal for immediate consumption. However, in a shop like Point G, there is likely to be a delay between the time the dessert is made and when it is finally eaten.


The flavour comes from the macaron’s filling, while its colour is primarily for aesthetic effect. “A macaron must be beautiful to look at but, more importantly, it has to taste good.”

Reignier wanted to create macaron flavours that would appeal to both tourists and Montrealers.

“Point G therefore offers traditional flavours alongside those with a touch of Montréal. The idea is to help our macarons stand out while maintaining their classic nature.” This approach has generated options like maple taffy, carrot cake, crème brûlée, and the shop’s bestseller, sea salt caramel. Of course, one can also enjoy classics like pistachio, chocolate, vanilla, and lemon.

Point G’s next venture will be to double or even triple its production volume while still developing new products. Having outgrown its current production space, it will soon open a new workshop.

Finally, when asked to name his favourite macaron flavour, the pastry chef is once again noncommittal. “That’s like asking me to choose my favourite child—it’s impossible!”


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