Team summer 2011

RICHARD PETIT Co-Editor PAUL-ANDRE LAROCQUE, Art director, photographer and journalist (Stopovers) LAVENIA BOTEZ Journalist (Dining Out) NATHALIE CLARK Journalist (Beauty) PIERRE DESCHENES Journalist (Institution, News, Decor, New Comer) JACQUES DUVAL Journalist (Automobiles) YVAN MARTINEAU Journalist (Passion and Sports) ALINE MIGNEAULT Sommelier (Wine) FLORENCE MICHEL Journalist (Arts, Interior) ISABELLE GAUVIN Fashion director, stylist JUSTINE BERGERON Advertising … Continue reading Team summer 2011

The best of all

This first issue of Mixte Magazine is the result of many long hours of hard work and dedication by a team of passionate contributors. Considered authorities in their respective fields, producing top work is something they all have in common. Allow us to present our team. SANDRA CLICHE Editing Consultant and Journalist (Interiors) PAUL-ANDRÉ LAROCQUE … Continue reading The best of all