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Robert Brunet has pointed the way to cycling,
skiing, and walking activities for a lot of people since his store, Le Yéti, first opened in 1986. This entrepreneur at heart and avid biker and skier has succeeded in sharing his passion by offering quality products, as well as creating exciting projects like Le Club Cycliste du Yéti, and events like the mass-start cycling, Gran Fondo Mont Tremblant, which he has co-produced since last year. We ask a few questions of the man who likes to keep moving!

An object that you couldn’t live without?
My road bike, my off-piste skis, my paddleboard, and my piano … I absolutely require all four. The achievement you are most proud of? Having passed on my passion for cycling and exercise to so many people, beginning with my staff.

One thing that most people don’t know about you?
That I’m a musician, pianist, and guitarist, and my favourite pastime is to play in a garage band with my friends.

Your best table and what you love to order… The Trunchetto at Bottega. For a business lunch we’re likely to find you at… Lawrence, corner of Fairmount and St. Laurent.

The ideal cocktail is… A wine spritzer.

Your dream trip?
From Italy to Scotland on my bike.

What distinguishes Quebec from the rest of the world? The people and our four distinct seasons.

What do you drive? A BMW R1200GS motorcycle.

Your favourite accessory?
Shoes. Occupational hazard. I buy several thousand pairs for Le Yéti every year.

Your favourite book?
I’d prefer magazines: Men’s Journal, Le Cycle, Outside, Bicycling.

An individual who inspires you or that you admire…

Your guilty pleasure…

The height of luxury for you is…

Your philosophy on life?
You’ve got to have fun.

Three values ​​that define you?
Friendship, pleasure, and success.

A cause dear to your heart?
Cancer research; my sister died of cancer at age 57.

Your definition of happiness?
Being with friends, sharing a good meal, and playing music.

One thing that annoys you?
People who complain incessantly.

What decorates your office?
My vintage Wilier city bike, and my old TUA off-piste skis.

The gadget you’re infatuated with?
My portable piano and the Garage Band app.

A gift to give a friend or acquaintance?
A ticket to a concert.

The biggest accomplishment of your career?
The purchase of the building that is today Le Yéti’s storefront.



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