Education is one of the most important foundations of our society, and ensuring its evolution and longevity is of paramount importance. When Philip Cutler chose this field for his studies at McGill University, he began pushing the envelope. Noting the paradigm shifts being sparked by new technologies, he decided to start a tutoring service in 2009, while he himself was still a student. In 2013, he launched an online version of the service called GradeSlam. Anyone struggling to understand a subject, solve a particular academic problem, or prepare for an exam can call upon one of the 600 accredited tutors currently associated with GradeSlam. Some 3,000 people already use the service! Most of them are local, but many hail from the United States (predominantly California). GradeSlam’s head office, however, is in the Mile End, and the entire operation is administered by just four people (although plans are in motion to double this number by the end of the summer). Cutler has serious ambitions, and intends to count his students by the millions! And why not? There are 65 million students in North America, and tutoring is a global multi-billiondollar market. Cutler seems to be ahead of the game, having understood early on that the future of education is increasingly linked to technology, meaning we can expect to hear a lot more from, and about him in the coming years.

Cutler was named for his grandfather, a well-known Montreal labour lawyer and Quebec Superior Court Judge. Like his namesake, he is fuelled by a passion to serve his community. In fact, the younger Cutler gets it from both sides: his grandmother, May, with whom he was very close, was Mayor of Westmount. Following in her footsteps, Cutler became a Westmount City Councillor at age 25. While he sees the role as more of a civic commitment that leaves him considerable time for his principal business, his dedication to his community is tangible. Cutler may be a seasoned entrepreneur, but above all he is a man of conviction and integrity. Values that will no doubt take him to the top, for this young man is cut from the same cloth as Bill Gates and Larry Page.

photo: Philip with the children of Laurus Summer Camp in Montreal, where he first started.

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