La serenita collezione – By Amel Chamandy

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The rich history of glassmaking on Murano dates back to the 13th century, when the Venetian Republic ordered the glassmakers to move their furnaces to the nearby island, out of fear of fires, which had become all too frequent in the city.

Glassmaking workshops soon sprung up along the canals of Murano (just 10 minutes by vaporetto from Venice). Over time, these pop-ups became world-renowned factories, famous for their unparalleled craft and artistry. The secrets of the trade were guarded jealously, and dutifully passes from one generation to the next, while the glassware produced was prized by the royal courts and sultanates of Europe and Asia.

The prestige of Murano glass continues to this day. Designers join forces with glass artists to create blown and moulded pieces that combine age-old Italian tradition with contemporary inspiration, resulting in truly extraordinary collections.

After several trips to Italy and time spent learning to make glass mosaics on Murano, Amel Chamandy sat down at her drawing table to design her very first collection of hand-blown glass vases, called La Serenita collezione.

La serenita collezione – By Amel Chamandy – e-mag

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