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Bui Optométriste

Changing of the guard implies a sense of continuity, though under new and inevitably younger leadership. In certain cases it’s the way of doing things that changes. Take Éleiade for example, a communication company who produces corporate videos, promotional spots, video clips, and short promotional films: young visionaries who understand Internet changed how society perceives reality. They know information is increasingly transmitted through images – moving images of course – filmed images which are finely composed, refined, and even sculpted. At least that’s what Éleiade’s banking on. They provide their clients with exceptional visual quality, in such a way that the message is sublimated. It’s done with an aesthetic inspired by old movies from the 1940s and 50s, and original music sets the images off perfectly.

Though seemingly familiar, the word éleiade is not found in any dictionary. Perhaps it’s a nod to Homer’s Iliad; the famous epic about the War of Troy, except the horse (filled with troops) has been replaced by a digital camera (filled with images). No matter, this group of bright, educated young people studying in the same field was formed while they were at university. These days, they no longer leave the message and the aesthetic to chance; they take it seriously – in the Zeitgeist (spirit of the times), so to speak. Éleiade is Christophe Leclerc, Sébastien Rioux, and some collaborators.

514 691 1902 (CHRISTOPHE)
OR 514 917 5955 (SÉBASTIEN)

Christophe Leclerc and Sébastien Rioux


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Bui Optométriste

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