Creed has been seducing people with its unique, handcrafted fragrances for more than 250 years. Each perfume is a masterpiece of quality, sophistication, and family tradition.

Creed Five letters. Seven generations. A most fragrant dynasty that dates back to 1760. James Henry Creed was a purveyor of all things new, and official supplier to the English Court and Queen Victoria. He sold gowns, fabric, and gloves, as well as powerful perfumes to be applied in tiny drops behind the ears. His scents became an instant craze, and Creed was soon providing perfumes to all the courts of Europe, from Emperor Franz Josef II of Austria, to Queen Maria Cristina of Spain, to Tsar Nicholas II of Russia. In fact, it was at the request of Empress Eugenie that James Henry’s descendent, Henry Creed, open a branch in Paris, in 1854. At the time, Henry had a custom tailor shop on rue Royale, and the location became the Paris home of the House of Creed. Olivier Creed, the company’s current CEO, closed Rue Royale in 1970, and opened a shop at 38 Avenue Pierre 1er de Serbie. At the back, a selection of fine shirts, ties, and sweaters maintains the connection to the master tailor of old.

Today, seventh-generation Erwin Creed and his sister Olivia carry on the tradition of the House of Creed. They are contemporary business people who uphold the fundamental values of a perfume house that is both classic and creative, ensuring the hand-crafted and family-owned products remain of the highest quality. Their vision involves growth, of course, but with the utmost discretion. Olivier and Erwin Creed travel the world in search of the finest essences: rose from Bulgaria, Turkey and Morocco, or jasmine from Italy and France. Their personal signature as master perfumers? “At Creed, we concentrate on the fresh, simple basics. I like classic fragrances. An excellent bergamot, a fine lemon, a great peppermint … We prefer creating a subtle scent of the highest quality. You can smell the quality of a perfume. It’s less aggressive on the nose, but the notes are deeper,” says Erwin Creed. Each formula is weighed, mixed, macerated and filtered by hand in the finest tradition. The artisanal creations are developed at the company’s factory in Ury, near Fontainebleau. This is where the family refines its formulas and monitors every step of the production process.

The infusion technique, now abandoned by modern industry, enables Creed to preserve the originality of their fragrances. Creed also produces their own proprietary distillates of vanilla, civet, and other essences. Their legendary perfumes include Fleurissimo, commissioned specially by Prince Rainer on the occasion of his marriage to Grace Kelly in 1956. It contains ylang ylang, tuberose, and Bulgarian rose. Kate Middleton chose the same fragrance for her own royal wedding. “I like it very much,” says Erwin Creed. “It’s very floral, round and based on the central note. It is a beautiful, classic perfume that respects the heady nature of the flower.” Michelle Obama wears Love in White (the First Lady’s personal shopper buys it for her at Neiman Marcus in Washington). “I haven’t smelled it on her, but I’m sure it works beautifully with her skin. Dark skins wear natural perfumes very well. This one is a scent of slightly musky white flowers. At first, my father and I were thinking of working around a note of rice,” adds Creed.

And how have women’s tastes in perfume changed over the years? “Female tastes have become much more masculine, and the masculine notes give scents more strength, a bit on the boyish side. Masculine zest handled with a little floral, feminine softness. Or something cypress-y and masculine, less floral, and a little more Oriental to add lightness to the eau de cologne…” says Erwin. Creed is artisanal, as is their packaging. In addition to unique fragrances, the company creates original, exclusive bottles with leather-wrapped ground-glass stoppers. The brand, which represents the ultimate in quality and expertise, can be found in some of the world’s most prestigious boutiques, perfectly balancing heritage, global reputation, and timeless vision.

Available at Holt Renfrew, and Henri Vezina, Centropolis, 1825, boul. Daniel-Johnson, Laval



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