What do you do when the kids are grown, the nest is empty, and the house feels too big? You build something new for the next stage of life.

Lucie and Jean-Luc are deeply rooted in Laval. So deeply, in fact, that Jean-Luc established his business five minutes by car from their home in Sainte-Rose. Recently, however, things have changed. Their two sons have moved out, leaving these parents with a three-storey house and a vacant pool. It was time to rethink ‘home’ in terms of the couple’s new needs. They thought a condo might be the solution, but realized that condo living was not for them, with its complicated access to the outdoors, and lack of privacy So Jean-Luc decided to check out the neighbourhood on his bicycle, which is how he discovered a lot for sale just a few blocks away. That was step one. Now he needed a contractor. That proved equally easy, since Louis Beaudoin, his neighbour in Mont-Tremblant, is a builder. In fact, Louis was the man who built their country home. Next, they needed someone to draw up the plans. Lucie’s brother-in-law suggested Mario Adornetto, who had designed his own château-style home. The couple agreed, but wanted a more contemporary style. The first time they met, everything clicked, although Lucie wanted a flat roof and Jean-Luc did not. Adornetto proposed a compromise – a hybrid design with a flat roof in the back. But then Jean-Luc changed his mind, so back to the drawing board they went, and in the end, everyone was happy.

The new, modern home would be at street level, meaning no more stairs, to Lucie’s great delight. The ceilings would be very high, adding volume to the house, making the space feel a little like a loft, particularly with its floor-to-ceiling windows and open living spaces. For the interior design, Adornetto recommended Katerine Daoust, who started from scratch, since not a stick of furniture was moved from the old house: it all went, exactly as is, to one of the sons. The couple chose wood, stone, and other natural materials, as well as warm colours, to create a home that would last for many years, and be easy to live in. In fact, the calm, restful atmosphere is what Lucie loves most about her new home, where everything is automated, and heat comes from a radiant system located beneath the hickory-finished engineered wood floor. Downsizing was one of the goals of the move, and they did so by removing an entire floor (however, they also created a finished basement, complete with guest room, bathroom, exercise room, wine cellar, and media room!). Lucie is extremely pleased with her new home, which she says is a user-friendly and comfortable cocoon. She was thrilled with the dream trio who designed, built, and decorated the house she hopes to live in for years to come. Here’s to the start of a whole new life!

Stylist : Katerine Daoust
Photos : Adrien Williams

Evolution – e-mag

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