Amangiri, Resort and Spa

Amangari means “peaceful mountain” – a most appropriate name for this majestic resort. Built on one of the most remarkable sites in the United States, it celebrates the heritage and magic of the stunning rock formations of southern Utah.Amangiri resort extends over more than 600 acres in the American Southwest, near the Utah-Arizona border. This region of deep canyons and giant plateaus has been home to the Navajo and Hopi tribes for centuries, and its wild, untouched grandeur continues to fire the imagination of all who experience it. Tucked into a valley, the hotel complex was designed by architects Marwan Al-Sayed, Wendell Burnette, and Rick Joy, who used natural colours, materials and textures to ensure that the resort would blend beautifully into its surroundings.

The buildings themselves are impressive, and yet still ensure an intimate setting from which to appreciate the remarkable landscape. A winding road brings you to the main pavilion. Built against a cliff, it surrounds the fantastic pool and contains the lobby, gallery, library, dining room, and wine cellar. The 34 suites and spa are located in the two wings, which offer a breathtaking view of the gorgeous rock formations. White stone and concrete floors fill the space with light, while the furnishings tastefully combine leather, wood, and blackened steel with incredibly soft and luxurious fabrics. Hiking, climbing, canoeing, biking… even helicopter and hot-air balloon rides provide a variety of ways to enjoy this exceptional part of North America. Amangiri resort is worth the trip. One visit, and the word ‘desert’ will hold an entirely new meaning.


Amangiri, Resort and Spa – e-mag

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