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To say that the misfortune of some is the happiness of others would be far too simplistic in the case of Anzie, as the company relies not only on a genuine desire to help cancer victims but also on the commitment and links between members of a remarkable family.

In 1995, Barry Stein learned that he had colon cancer. Between hospital treatments, Stein and his wife Anzie took pleasure in gathering stones which they soon transformed into jewelry with their daughter Jaclyn. A superb way to channel torrents of emotions! The activity provided Barry the idea of creating a ‘Lifesaver’ bracelet, which is still used to raise funds. And by this restorative pastime, started in a basement, the Montréal company was born.

For several years Anzie Stein created lithographs and drawings. With the design of jewelry, she added another string to her bow. Anzie is still President and manages operations. Jaclyn, the eldest, is dedicated to the design of the collection, and the marketing and distribution of the American brand; Joanna is responsible for sales, merchandising and marketing in Canada; and Robert for web presence. Finally, Barry, career lawyer, pursues charitable activities with the Colorectal Cancer Association of Canada while overseeing all legal and financial aspects of the company. A real family affair!

A little bracelet will grow big. Anzie now produces eight collections, all handmade, unique arrangements of colored stones on a ground of sterling silver or 14 to 18 carat gold. Sold in boutiques, by prestigious jewelers, and on their own web site, the jewelry, at once trendy and classic, chic and casual, allows women to express, like the Steins themselves, their creative feelings and personality.



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