Passion expressed on two wheels


I could easily have become a motorcycle columnist in the ‘60s if my brother had not totalled my little Honda CB 125. He put so much time into its repair that by the time he gave it back to me, I had moved on to the automobile. Today, I occasionally dive back into the subject because nothing excites me as much as arguing the merits of the two vehicle types with my encyclopaedic friend ‘Mr. Motorcycle’, Bertrand Gahel.

I allow myself a digression from my usual role to profile three followers who demonstrate quite clearly that the way to get around today attracts people we would never have imagined on two wheels.

richard-speer-producteur-tele-groupe-attractionRichard Speer, TV producer
As President of Attraction Média, Richard Speer does not lack for eloquence when it comes time to talk about his passion for both bikes and performance vehicles. He has been a motocross champion and regularly attends the race circuits in his latest acquisition, a Mercedes C63 AMG Black Series. Ducati aficionado, he rides a Multistrada 1200S 150 hp. “It’s a hyper-sensory experience that creates moments just for me,” relates Richard, who loves the adrenaline rush that his ‘bullet’ bike gives him. “It’s a true Italian with all the panache that goes with it,” concludes our guest who this summer makes his annual pilgrimage to New York on the wings of his Ducati.

robert-archambault-avocatRobert Archambault, lawyer
Aged sixty-nine, Robert arrives at work in full suit and tie in command of his BMW, an S100RR to be precise. “I love this bike for its wild animal temperament with lightning acceleration supported by high precision handling. I’ve had Hondas and Ducatis, but I think the experts at Monette Sports were highly professional in advising me on an engine perfectly suited to my personality. The S100RR offers a very high level of security and stability. This is a German thoroughbred,” concludes Me. Archambault.
Happy motoring, lady and gentlemen.

nadia-serri-restauratriceNadia Serri, Restaurant Owner
“It was during my travels in Italy that I discovered a passion for the scooter,” says Nadia of Café Italia. “In cities choked by traffic one gets around faster on two wheels and pollutes less.” Laughing and enjoying every minute of life, Nadia adds jokingly that it was perhaps her ‘change of life’ which gave her the desire to get back on her Vespa. But honestly, I ask, aren’t you just a little nervous when you’re gripped by the flow of large vehicles circulating around Montréal? “Yes, you feel very small, but you get used to it and you learn to ‘guess’ driver behavior. I only use my Audi now on roads where my scooter is prohibited due to its 50cc engine size.”

Photo: Jorge Camarotti, La Cavalerie

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