Complete transparency

Laval sur le lac

In cosmetics, as with fashion, it is subtle transparency that reveals the essence of matter and colour. Essential formulas, pure fragrance, light shades… the quintessence of beauty, pure and simple.


From the podiums of Victoria’s Secret to the film sets of Transformers 3, Rosie Huntington-Whiteley is the latest muse for Burberry’s new perfume. With the launch of the fragrance Burberry Body, celebrated photographer Mario Testino will reveal the beautiful blonde, simply draped in the eponymous Burberry trench coat, playing up her attributes for a sexy print ad campaign. She will be the first in a series of celebrities who will pose, scantily clad, for the iconic English label’s advertising campaign. Top fashion critics everywhere are cheering the latest video clip from Christopher Bailey. Eau de parfum Burberry Body, 60 ml, $95. Available at the Burberry counter at Ogilvy, Holt Renfrew and the Bay. •

Crystal Gloss from Swarovski, pink or  transparent, Aura by Swarovski

For over a hundred years they have had people sighing with envy. Swarovski crystal always attracted attention. What is the secret that keeps these brilliant little jewels so young? They never stop reinventing themselves so people will keep wanting them. This season, in collaboration with Clarins Fragrances, the master of sparkle is offering Crystal Gloss, a unique lip gloss that contains real crystal powder, tucked into a lovely pendant. Crystal Gloss from Swarovski, pink or transparent, Aura by Swarovski, $76. •


Since the creation and opening of her clinic-loft in 2010, Dr. Geneviève Blackburn hasn’t stopped being on the lookout for the latest trends. Her latest discovery is LiLash, a serum that fortifies lash follicles, is causing a furor with our neighbours south of the border. Applied along the lash line, it enhances growth and separates lashes, resulting in long lashes and big, beautiful eyes. (Bonus: protects, easy to apply, and no prescription necessary!) XXL lashes in less than eight weeks for just $150 a tube (lasts four months when applied daily). • (514) 654 1445 or (Psst, this is the only place to get it in Montréal!)


Continually put to the test, our skin suffers thousands of injuries each day (sun, pollution, stress). Evidently, it possesses its own regeneration system, but over time, it deteriorates and the skin’s appearance is affected. Visionary Québec company IDC empha­sizes prevention as young as the early 20s to fight the signs of aging skin. According to experts, repair treatments can have a positive influence on cellular renewal. Thanks to its high level of active cosmetics (26%), First Wrinkles Integral Serum evens out the skin tone and gives skin a luminous glow. IDC First Wrinkles Integral Proactive Serum, 30 ml, $74.50 •

Traitement Intensif Anti-Affinement from Kérastase, $65 / box

Worn pinned up or in a beehive, hairstyles are taking the runway by storm. For mere mortals, this season translates into an ongoing quest for texture and volume. The best treatment to plump up strands and fight thin, limp hair? A complex of three molecules (arginine, vitamin PP, and vitamin B8). The first looks after reconstructing the hair fiber while the other two nourish the scalp. For best results, vigorously massage it into the scalp to stimulate microcirculation. The promise: thicker, fuller-looking hair. Traitement Intensif Anti-Affinement from Kérastase, $65 / box. •

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Laval sur le lac

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