When Dreams Come True

What a wonderful surprise to discover, right here at home, a world-class automotive experience like Automobiles Etcetera! If you visit, General Manager Andrew Meyer can take you on a guided tour that will inspire your imagination.

When you are ready to purchase the car of your dreams, it is good to know you can count on a team of experts to help you find the desired vehicle—a team whose services exceed expectations. It is an absolute must for car aficionados.

Automobiles Etcetera is driven by a straightforward concept: do everything possible to meet the needs of car enthusiasts. Accordingly, the building housing this incredible collection of automobiles was designed expressly to show off its fabulous treasures. When it comes to design and technology, nothing was spared in the effort to ensure that customers enjoy an optimal experience. This gem was created by interior designer Patty Xenos, renowned creator of immersive environments.

Design concept, Patty Xenos Design; Pininfarina armchairs, Meubles Reno; Poliform sofa, Latitude Nord; audio-visual, lighting and control systems planned and designed by Michel Angers and Olivier Langlois, Kébecson
Bui Opto
Design concept, Patty Xenos Design; light fixtures, Atlas Lighting; automation, sound and projection systems, Kébecson

Upon entering Automobiles Etcetera, one immediately falls into a contemplative state of mind inspired by the modern, understated space. Cars from the world’s most prestigious brands—Bugatti, Porsche, Ferrari, Aston Martin, and Rolls-Royce—sit in a vast showroom, mounted like precious stones. Everything has been thought out down to the last detail to ensure visitors can admire the cars from every angle in a single glance.

Montauk Sofa
Bui Opto

In the heart of the building is a lounge with all the attributes of a private club, where a maximum of sixty or so members can meet, chat, compete on high-end racing simulators, or even gather for a VIP evening devoted to a major sports event. The attention to detail is such that up to five Baccarat-style chandeliers descend from the ceiling, creating an enchanting atmosphere and transforming the room into a reception hall for VIP evenings. Add in the state-of-the-art sound system, and the magic is complete with a high-quality sound environment.

In addition to the lounge area, there is a workshop staffed by a team of expert, specialized mechanics, available for members who wish to pamper their cars, for these beautiful vehicles can sometimes be temperamental.

Automobiles Etcetera: where children feel like grown-ups and adults can feel like children again!

Design concept, Patty Xenos Design; custom sofas, Siècle en siècle; leather armchairs and coffee tables, Latitude Nord; contractor, Montoni
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