Porsche - À la frontière du luxe et de la mobilité

Porsche, where luxury meets mobility

AS A LEGENDARY BRAND SYNONYMOUS WITH AN ACTIVE LIFESTYLE, PORSCHE CONTINUES TO BE A BENCHMARK BOTH UNDER THE HOOD AND BEHIND THE WHEEL. IN THE CITY OR ON THE ROAD, ITS SILHOUETTE NEVER FAILS TO TURN HEADS. WHAT’S MORE, THE GERMAN AUTOMAKER IS MORE POPULAR THAN EVER IN CANADA.“The pleasure of a Porsche begins when you open the garage door and see its gorgeous exterior, and continues when you sit behind the wheel and take in the ergonomically designed interior. The moment you turn on the engine, it becomes emotional.” Marc Ouayoun, President and CEO of Porsche Cars Canada since January 2018, has the iconic Porsche crest tattooed on his chest.

He explains the company’s ingenious approach to managing all the changes affecting the industry. “In 2018, Porsche had one of its best years in Canada, selling over 8,900 vehicles.” Why? In part because of the popularity of SUVs, the growing appeal of luxury products, an enthusiastic Asian clientele and, finally, a particularly high-performing dealership network.

The affordable Macan model has in fact introduced the brand to new markets, notably female drivers, notes Ouayoun, formerly the Managing Director of Porsche France. “The Macan offers the Porsche attributes of quality and aesthetics, along with the SUV benefits of drivability and safety.”

To reflect current consumption patterns, the brand is also increasing its diversification and marketing efforts to target younger generations, among others. For example, the Porsche Drive program, launched in 2018 in Brossard, Quebec, offers rental options ranging from a period of four hours to one month. Initially launched in Germany, this initiative enables the brand to reach first-time Porsche drivers. “We want to prepare for the world of tomorrow, that is, self-driving cars, electric cars and the use of different forms of mobility.” Eventually, Porsche would like to “dissociate the brand experience from vehicle ownership.”


The exploration does not stop there. The Porsche Travel Experience, a tour of some of Nova Scotia’s most scenic drives, is aimed at new communities of car enthusiasts. “We would like to organize a Cayenne driving tour in the Yukon,” notes Ouayoun.

For the past nine years, the Ice Experience at Mecaglisse has also been very successful. Behind the wheel of the Porsche 911, instructors trained in Germany teach drivers from around the globe how to drive on ice.

The Porsche Passport program, available in several cities, including Atlanta, is the brand’s new lease alternative subscription program. Members can have the Porsche model of their choice delivered to their door, changing models as their mood or season dictates!

Where will Porsche be in 10 years? “Fully 50% of the cars sold each year will be electric,” believes Ouayoun. The 2019 arrival of the 100% electric Taycan model is an illustration of this trend, which will likely accelerate.


Porsche – Where luxury meets mobility – e-mag

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