The magic of PowerWatts

Meaghan Benfeito, Olympic medallist (London Games); François Parisien, champion, World Tour cycling race in Europe; Jennifer Heil, two-time Olympic medallist. These are just some of the personalities that could train alongside you at PowerWatts in the Complexe Canal Lachine. Stimulating!

PowerWatts studios across Canada are the beneficiaries of today’s enthusiasm for cycling. The PowerWatts system goes further than traditional stationary bike cardio training (spinning). It is based on physiological assessments conduc­ted in laboratories, and a training regime based on scientific data. As well, specially designed bikes are arranged on platforms to better experience the interaction between bike and rider output.
Given the high degree of collaboration of some centers with top athletes, the ordinary person may well find himself surrounded by elite athletes, which, frankly, is very motivating. Each interval training session however, is geared to your own personal target intensity.
An electronic scoreboard faces you as you pedal. Everything is recorded, and you learn to manage your output in such a way as to finish strongly, just as in competition. Over the weeks, you can clearly witness progress against bench­marks and performance reports.


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