The Vachon brothers, born with a passion for design

Original title: Ugo and Olivier Vachon


Ugo and Olivier Vachon have been passionate about design since they were children. Their father, co-founder of Flou Canada, first began selling furniture and accessories 30 years ago, and the two brothers have grown up with the business. After studying economics in university, Ugo left his hometown of Quebec City to work part-time at the Montreal company: “I realized that design was what excited me the most.” His 24-year-old brother, Olivier, who is ten years younger, is a former pro snowboard racer. After retiring from sports, he began studying business administration while simultaneously collaborating with Ugo to launch Skedio, an online Quebec store based on the same values that drive their father: the objects around us, nature and architecture have a major impact on our lives.

“Furniture and accessories are a daily source of wellness and happiness. The other fundamental aspect is ethical consumption, that is, buying products that respect the intellectual property rights of their creators; encouraging businesses that have sound environmental practices and respect their employees; and seeking products that offer sustainable quality and timeless design,” explains Olivier Vachon.

Ugo maintains, “The goal is also to make authentic designs more accessible, because online searches often turn up copies. In the future, we hope to represent more brands. The ultimate dream is to become a reference for original design in Canada, and even in the United States. We want to become a gateway for European design while serving the same purpose for local design, because it is important to promote the talent we have right here.” and

Ugo and Olivier Vachon – e-mag

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