Meet Charles Matharan, Commercial Director at Roche Bobois

Original title: Charles Matharan


After studying real estate law and working in commercial real estate, Charles Matharan made a career change, moving into interior design with Roche Bobois in 2004. Having held a variety of positions and responsibilities, from interior designer to network lead, from heading the paris market to overseeing group training for managers and sales staff, Matharan became commercial director for the Montreal region in 2016.

What is the key to finding professional fulfilment?
Develop and convey the human qualities of listening, respect, empathy and high standards through your work.

Who is essential to your happiness?
My 14-year-old daughter, 10-year-old son, and my wife. My family’s happiness is a priority for my well-being.

What are your favourite leisure activities and where do you like to relax?
I find skiing, mountains, hiking and Mount Royal relaxing and calming. Oceans and beaches are great places for an energizing walk.

What are the most important personal qualities?
Attentiveness and compassion.

What is your favourite city?
Paris, for its architecture, history and neighbourhoods, even though the last few years have been very challenging.

What is your favourite dish?
Homemade foie gras, with Lac Brome duck.

What material truly symbolizes beauty for you?
The wooden deck of a vintage Riva boat on Lake Como.

What artist has really impresses you?
Having recently visited the Alexander Calder exhibition at the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts, I discovered that he produced an extraordinary number of works, over 2,000 in all. There is a veritable poetry to his mobiles and stabiles, when one takes the time to observe them. An engineer by training, he quickly went beyond conventions to create unique art.

How do you define luxury?
Some people think it has to do with value, wealth, beauty, or space; in my opinion, a true luxury today is time. It is what enables us to make good decisions, enjoy those we love, and do good things before we step

Where do you dream of travelling?
My dream, though somewhat cliché, is become increasingly feasible if the luxury of time affords: to step onto the Moon and turn around to contemplate humanity.

Charles Matharan – e-mag

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