LIANNE CARIOTO, A family tradition


Design Louis George opened in 1987, when the founder’s daughter, Lianne Carioto, was
14 years old. By the following year, she was already working part-time. Her mandate: work all aspects of the operation: that’s how one learns. “You can’t grow a business if you haven’t been ‘hands-on’,” says Carioto. Her formal training included Interior Design study at Dawson College, and an internship in Florence with architect Claudio Nardi.
On her return, she opened her own interior design firm and resumed work at Design Louis George. Today, Lianne is Vice President, leading a team of twelve employees, and with buyer responsibilities for furniture and bed and bath merchandise, she regularly travels to Europe to take the industry pulse, follow trends, and remain current.

Presently Lianne has taken charge of the company’s major relocation to the Town of Mount Royal after a quarter century at Ogilvy! As a design enthusiast, Lianne has made provision at the new location for greater allocation of space to vendors and designers, to facilitate their work with catalogues, samples, and plans. Her privileged relationship with clients, who benefit from expert professional advice, ensures loyalty. Lianne strives to maintain a business philosophy based on ensuring a solid value standard and buyer proposition. To this end, new collections are being introduced: an affordable American collection of upholstered furniture under the house brand; a second, German line, specializing in modern leather styles; and the arrival of prestigious brand, Designer’s Guild.

On a personal note, Lianne’s mentor, in terms of design, has been her mother, a designer. And in sales? Her father, of course! When it comes to idols, one would expect a mention of French designer Andrée Putman. Yet it’s Lianne’s Lebanese grandmother whom she follows with fervor, a woman loved by the community, and who instilled in Lianne (as well as her daughters Samantha and Sara), lasting values. Is the future prospect of replacing her father, Louis, happening anytime soon: “I hope not. I want him to continue. I love working with him.”


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