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The McCord Museum is making history by call ing upon four female business leaders who have come together to ensure proper recognition for this outstanding institution.

Located in the heart of Montreal, right across from McGill University, the McCord Museum is a unique institution dedicated to the preservation, study and appreciation of Montreal’s cultural history. Its architecture, works, collections and artifacts offer us a means to experience and understand our roots. They also tell the stories of some of the great families that have shaped the city. The McCord’s Archives and Documentation Centre provides public access to more than 750 fonds and collections of textual archives, as well as to a major collection of photographs. Many of the these documents are also available via the museum’s website. But the McCord Museum is far more than a window onto our heritage. In keeping with its mission to serve as an ambassador for Montreal society, the Museum remains a relevant and integral part of the current social landscape by continuing to mount an interesting assortment of inspiring, accessible activities and exhibitions that bring people together, such as the exhibit scheduled for this summer, dedicated to Italian fashion from 1945 to today. The important role played by the Museum will be celebrated at the annual ball, which takes place May 5 at the Arsenal. This year’s theme is Bella & Stravagante, and, as always, the ball promises to be a glamorous and lively event, with artistic direction by Dick Walsh. Serving as honorary co-presidents of the ball are four dynamic women currently making their mark in the Montreal business world. These committed and charismatic leaders have joined forces on a committee chaired by Bita Cattelan and Steeve Lapierre, to support an institution they believe in. While they are united in support for this cause, each woman has found her own way to the McCord Museum, for reasons that are different yet complementary. Knowing how busy and in demand these women are, we focused on discovering how each one became involved with the Museum. Each one had a very personal story.


Date: May 5, 2016 / Place: Arsenal – 2020 William St.
To purchase tickets or tables: (514) 398 7100, ext. 278, [email protected]

Diane Giard
Executive Vice-President, Personal and Commercial Banking, National Bank

“A museum is a hub around which various worlds gravitate. These are related not only to art, culture and society, but also to the economy. I feel strongly about supporting the effort to help people understand the important role the Museum plays; it matters to me that the many lives it “creates” are never forgotten. Located in the heart of the city, the McCord Museum attracts visitors of all kinds, and thus feeds the Montreal ecosystem. Because of its social DNA, the McCord Museum is not only a valuable witness to our history and identity, it is also a very real participant in the evolution of our society.”

Isabelle Hudon
Executive Chair, Quebec & Senior Vice-President, Client Solutions, Sun Life Financial

“After attending a number of McCord Museum balls (the 2015 ball featuring solely male presidents), I mentioned to the Museum’s chair, Monique Jérôme-Forget, that I wished more women could be associated with this beautiful event. Monique is a woman of action, and a few minutes later, she invited me to commit for this year’s ball! I decided to do it then and there, and suggested that the team of co-presidents be made entirely of women, promising to beat last year’s objectives! I quickly picked three women who I know share my drive to excel, and who have, and continue to be a real inspiration to many women in Quebec. In this way, I am combining a number of causes that mean a great deal to me.”

Kim Thomassin
Managing Partner, Quebec Region, McCarthy Tétrault

“I love absorbing the personality of every city I visit by spending time in its museums. So when I came to Montreal six years ago, the McCord was where I first took my fouryear-old daughter as we explored our new home. That’s how we discovered the Museum, through an exhibition specially designed for children, all about circus costumes that were both funny and artistic. The open, friendly, multi-generational nature of the McCord Museum deserves to be better known, as do its deep roots in Montreal. The same goes for its annual ball, which will once again be very lively and grand! The ball, which will bring together so many major Quebec business personalities and celebrities, is an appropriate reflection of the excitement generated by the McCord Museum. Don’t miss it!”

Anne-Marie Boucher
Lawyer and Co-founder, BCF Business Law

“I am fully committed to the McCord Museum. Having been a member of the board for two years, my involvement with this unique event is a natural next step in my contribution to the institution and its future. It is also part of a life choice I have made. When I returned after living abroad with my family in 2008, I decided to dedicate all my time to philanthropy. The McCord Museum and its many projects are a significant source of inspiration for me. In particular, the plan to move the Museum headquarters, which will soon be putting down new roots in the heart of the Quartier des spectacles. These are very important times and I feel privileged to be part of them.”

photo : Valérie Jodoin Keaton

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