Karim Guirguis – General manager of Cosentino

Original title : Karim Guirguis – Cosentino
Photo : Mireille Caza

Of Egyptian origin, Karim Guirguis grew up in Montréal and earned a degree in design from Concordia university. A 15-year veteran of the tile industry, this team manager passionate about his profession was named Cosentino’s general manager for Quebec and the Maritimes last year.

Name three things you believe are essential to a happy life. First, surround yourself with nice people. Good friends require work and time, but they are key for happiness, wonderful experiences, and great conversation. The people around me, both co-workers and close friends from around the world, are important to my well-being. Second, have a positive attitude, be kind to others, and always see the glass as half full. I believe that daily positivity generates more positivity. Third, it is important to stay curious and satisfy this curiosity by travelling abroad, visiting museums, learning about art history and artists, and taking an interest in other cultures, including their customs and habits. Keeping an open mind definitely makes me happy and helps me broaden my thoughts and actions on a daily basis.

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What are your hobbies? Travel is one of my favourites, a deep passion. It is amazing to get out of daily life in Quebec and explore the world. I also discovered functional fitness several years ago and really love it. It has helped improve both my physical and mental health, while relieving everyday stress. I even took part in two competitions, just for fun, and was very proud of myself! Finally, I am an epicurean by nature; I love sharing delicious food and fine wine in good company. I like discovering new flavours while savouring a new wine.

What is your favourite colour? Shades of greige and taupe. I find them calming in any decor—they add character to a room without upstaging the other elements. I often use these shades to create a warm, welcoming effect in my spaces.

And your favourite material? I am particularly fond of natural stone, whether it is for the walls, floors, or counters. It’s a noble material so it ages, forms a patina, and becomes richer with time. I would use it everywhere!

What does elegance mean to you? To me, elegance is a way of being, a way of acting or presenting yourself. It also refers to using noble materials in a space, a timeless concept, clean lines, a continuity from one volume to the next, or simply a well-thought-out design. Elegance is particular to each individual and their personality, and to every well-knit space where I feel the most comfortable.

What place are you particularly fond of? I feel great in my home. I think it’s truly a warm, welcoming, inviting space that is comfortable to be in. That’s why I love hosting friends and family at my place. My kitchen island is often the most popular spot for cocktail get-togethers or dinner.

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